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  Its my friend's birthday :)
Posted at 1/14/2011 05:14:00 PM

I purposely put my friend's photo too cause I was asked to describe him. haha xD Arrr, I didn't steal his picture ar. :D I took it without permission borrowed it. :D
This is Kelvin Bejang. :) 
This morning, during English period we were discussing on how to write an essay on describing people. So then, Catherine ask me to tell Mdm Flowrese that it was his birthday. :P
Mana saya twu, out of the blues, she go and ask me to describe the birthday boy. hahaha! :D
I start my description with, "This boy" and got hit by Mdm Flowrese. wtf 
I said his best feature was his eyes, smooth face, quite handsome and I even know some of his admirers. :) everybody easily guess it was the birthday boy. :D well, yea, obvious, most handsome, smooth not fair straight hair . LOL. :)
We hum him a birthday song. ehehehehehe! :D Happy Birthday Jang ! :) 

Okay2 enough with the birthday boy. :P

This morning, Ben's mum enter class. xD at first her mood was slightly grumpy and stuff, then she changed into a happy cheerful talkative lady :D ehempms-ingehem :P
Then I asked her, her name, :P exactly like what Ben said. :O so I asked her whether she know Ben which is quite a weird question. YEA DUH OF COURSE SHE KNOWS HER OWN SON. -.-
Then everybody called me a stalker. D: wtf

Then after recess, I was craving hardly for lok lok even though I had one already. So I went down to the canteen even though it was already late to get myself a lok lok. :D
Then I go up and stand outside class to indulge in my lok lok. wtf. suddenly I turn back, and saw Cikgu Liza asking me to come down. so I did. LALALALALA. half way there I slided down the staircase. Like FML much. -.- many people see D: and that time I still left a fishball on my lok lok. So after getting up I ate my fishball and simply throw the stick. LOL my sleeves was dirty D: uhuhuhuh!
When I got back to class, I got a stomach ache so hard I couldn't sit up straight during BM. :PP
Obviously I had food poisoning ;(

Arrr. then go back, me and my family went to King Centre and have our lunch. :)
I told them about me sliding down the stairs. :P then I was like thinking, 

Me: -thinks: i wonder what happen to the receipt I gave to Max after I fall-
Suddenly out of no where, Max appear. :O -gasp- wtf
Me: Oi Max! I was just thinking of you, you know! what happen to the receipt I gave you?
Max: errr. I gave Jeremy.
Me: oh okay. :)

LOL. why coincidence till like that one. LOL. xP

After a loooong boring day at school, it's finally the weekend again. :D YAYAYAYAY!

Moral-of-the-story; Never eat a food that has drop together with you. :P

Dhaaaa =]

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