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  Killing 2 birds with 1 stone
Posted at 1/03/2011 05:40:00 PM

Yes, I am as a matter fact trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by blogging, Facebook-ing and finding materials for my English project that was given before the holiday and needed to hand in by this Friday. fml. xD

So anyways, I wanted to blog about 2 things today. My first day of school and my New Year Resolution since I didn't get to blog about that as schedule due to my heavy schedule. Yerrr. I sound so important :D

How's my First day of school? well it seems fun. :)
I didn't get the seat I wanted :( I sit next to the window which I dislike the most due to it's million degrees hotness receive from the sun. :( GO DAII! I didn't know that the front sit was taken so I took the one near the window TT. I wanna curse so badly. well, on the bright side though, I'm sitting in front of the 4 fun people :] which is kinda awesome cause their like fun? xD
So anyways, after wiping the window pane, another thing I dislike sitting next to the window, =.= I went down and washed my hands with Cass. :P then Madam Choo Ai Lin called me :D ahh, she knows my name, she knows my name :D JOY TO THE WORLD. haha x)
anyways she called my name, and I was hesitating though cause I'm scare it wasn't me she wants to see :/ but nevertheless it was me :D she ask me to escort this awesomely handsome guy to Alpha. The class next to my class. =.= wtf. wtf.

Okay done with my first day of school :D

Next is my New Year Resolution :P

Since this year is the year 11 :P as in 2011, I've come out with 11 resolutions which I hope I might complete by the end of the year :D

- Be an active church member. ; I'm not an active church member you see, but in the future I would like to partake more activities revolving the church :] 
- Pass the 4 main science subject, bio, physics, chemistry, add maths. ; PleasePlease !! 
- Finish SPM. ; Can't wait for my driving licences and moreee FREEEDDOOMM !! :D 
- Stay single for one year. ; I don't want to get involve in a relationship this year. D: TIRED. =.= !
- Don’t bring phone to school. ; Haha x) it's a distraction like me always see phone when the teachers isn't teaching :P + fear of having it stolen/confiscate D: haha x) this one sure can't achieve cause even on the first day I brought my phone :P 
- Less online-ing. ; For studying :P 
- Less watching korean dramas. ; For studying D: sorreeeyy Korean Drama :( I'd promised to watch you after SPM, 24/7 hours per day. kay? :( 
- More studying. ; MUST MUST !! 
- Sleep in the afternoon, enough sleep everyday. ; So enough energy everyday and don't get tired easily when want study :) 
- Finish up till 15 story boards. ; Come on creative juice :P 
- Face clear from pimple. ; MUST MUST !! :D :D

Well that's all :D

So anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night last night cause I dreamt him :P and couldn't get back to sleep afterwards. :P so I text him like so damn lot, hoping he would wake up and text me :O
but he didn't. instead he wake up and call me :D so we chatted over the phone :))
Haizzzzz !!

sure resolution number 4 can't achieve ;( prove I can't keep simple promises even to myself. xD
ahahahahhahaha!! :D

Moral-of-the-story; Never make promises you cannot keep !!

Dhaaaa =]

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