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Posted at 1/31/2011 12:20:00 PM
I was blogging about the St.Joseph Band Idol yesterday afternoon when Grace called asking me to get ready to go out. O: Ah Chung on the way. -.-

Me & Grace :)
We went to Stutong there to see some shirts first =] Ah Chung and Encik the filipino guy wanted to buy something so we had to tagged along despite the movie starting at 4pm -.- 
So yeaaaa. I swear I never laughed as much as last night , like never before. okay, maybe that's not true, but still... xD hahaha! Me and Grace was trying to choose outfits for Ah Chung and it ended up so funny we ranaway laughing, YES the three of us, :DDD Ah Chung just stand there, I guess feeling embarrassed? xD hahahahaha!

It's called a lesbian bracelate! :D

Grace bought for me from Sabah :DD It's nice ! :))


After that, we go limteh for a while at the next door kopitiam :3 It was raining :S by raining I mean RAINING cats and dogs :S and I'm not sick yet! *check forehead* yesh :P I'm not sick :)
After that, we went to Spring :) GAH. finally. but 4pm movie missed dy so we watched at 6pm O:

Ah Chung priscilla-nap me away and took me away. o.o but i took him to Bata. he bought a shoes there :D hahaha. 

Me & Grace :D
she sat on my lap :))
 My head look big. ftw xD

Haha. :D This is Richmond. AKA. Encik the filipino guy :)) or just Encik :P
He looks gay ;D girls sandal+aqua bag. x) if you think this is gay, then you should see what picture I post later ;D

Then me and Ah Chung went to Nokia to check out the phone while Grace and Encik either went to the toilet or FOS. o.o 
I played with the BB there :3 Me and Ah Chung manage to take a picture with the BB. and the girl was like, =.= xDD 

He so white! jealous. -_______-

green hornet movie3 The Green Hornet Goes 3D

Then we gila2 around spring :)) when it's time, we went to the cinema, and "bought legal" tickets to watch Green Hornet in 3D. xPP that movie so awesome+funny but really can't pay much attention cause got "big rock" beside me -_____________- 
hahaha :D Britt Reid want to name the heroes name as Green Bee, stupid ;D

green hornet movie5 The Green Hornet Goes 3D

Jay Chou is simply hot and handsome and awesome :DDD


Before the movie, me and ah chung walked around parkson O: so tired found a sofa to sit. xD
ahahahhaa! :D
then Grace call. :O LOL. so we went up to the MBO floor, no sight of Grace and Encik =X so I brought Ah Chung to all the shops in the MBO floor and said hye to all the shop keepers ;D
we even go disturb the customer >:) dang we so naughty. xD 
then got one shop is ah chung friend shop, she asked us, "zomok ni men?(what happen to you people)" xD i answer her, "siao liao" xD ahahahhaha! :D

If you ask me what is gay, this is gay xDDD ahahahahahahahahahahahhaha ! :D
This is so sad ;p

Yes I didn't walk down the stairs. I slide :DD weeeeeee!

Some things going on before we leave Spring and head over to picked Ah Chung another friend, Ah Fook :P ahahhaa!
When Ah Fook was in the car, Grace was like "GOSH. YOU SMELL LIKE A MAN I LIKE" xDDD
wtf ahhahahaah ! :D then we sniff him :3
Then encik said he want to buy Phillipines product at Jalan song. when we arrived, he said, "You see that Shop Rite?" and I laughed. xD hahahahha! Geddit? "You see that shop right?"/"you see that shop rite?" xDDD FYI. Shop Rite is a shop that sells Phillipines product :P but in the end, encik didn't get to buy his things cause the shop was closing :( awwwwwww.
So we ended up crushing at M2 :) i didn't have no appetite to eat =X don't know why. I ordered, but encik finish my food for me :O he even finish Grace food also. x) then we talked and talked and talked despite Ah Chung emo-ing. will tell you more about that later :D

Pris: what time is it now? *press encik watch*
Encik: watch no battery. xD
Pris: wth. hahahhaha! ;D you wear for style :DDD
Encik: NO. got! ahahahhaha :3

so stupid -.- i last year also like that :PP

Cass: what time is it now?
Pris: Don't know.
Cass: I thought you have a watch -.-
Pris: I wore it for style only :DD


Then we go play in ONeJaya =] the shops were closing =X i only manage to sit on a massage chair without getting a massage from the chair. -.-

so anyways, after that we went to Boulevard :P that time already like 10pm+ wtf. xD
+ It's still raining cats and dogs. D: and I'm still not sick ! *check forehead* yesh i'm not sick :3
Went to Boulevard for fun,, oh2, encik need to buy a new sandal. xD
And if I'm not mistaken I saw some one look like Mr.Shorty =X no cannot be him :) ahhhhh~ :|

after Boulevard, went to some kopitiam to limteh again. xD ahahha! 
when at that kopitiam, we all go Facebook except for Ah chung. :P cause I used his phone to Facebook, cause my phone low-bat. xD ahaha! DAMNIT. I GOT 80++ NOTIFICATIONS THANKS TO CHENG 

After that, Chung send us home. :PP

Ah Fook, Grace and Encik :D

After I got home, I straight bath, then straight sleep. to tired. o.o i can't tahan dy. xD

*view my next post =]

Moral-of-the-story; Learn from the past =]

DHaaa :)

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