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  My new year has been super generous
Posted at 1/02/2011 05:52:00 PM
I love this year :D hope it'll be more generous than before. haha x)

31 December 2010

For the New Year's eve celebration I went to my uncle house to BBQ :D
while waiting for the clock to strike 12, me, Aaron, and Gibson, (the cousins) , gossip :]
and laugh, and laugh and tease each other, and laugh some more. :')
I had a blast kinda? I was waiting for texts that night =/ Gahh, TT my last minutes of 2010 hasn't been good as always D: so nevermind then :))

Anyways, pictures time! :D

Beers o.o
they were a tons of them :O

Food. xP

More food. :P
I'm getting hungrier just by remembering. TT

I didn't eat much TT

Brother, his gf, sis and uncle :D


Yum Seng . xD
It's midnight liaoooo!

My uncle like shoot someone with laser beam. xD

Tired. TT

1st January 2011

Truth be told, at first I thought the starting of my 2011 is going to be as crappy as bullshit.
But I guess I was wrong . :)
Around mid-noon, Grace asked me if I wanted to go out with her for a girl time. :)
So we went to Spring. the usual place. we didn't expect that we would watch a movie cause both of us didn't have any money. TT, broke~
so we walk-walk around, and we met KennySia :D famous blogger wtf. i was so happy that I can finally meet him, :)

My hands was trembling, shaking with him :P 
and it took me and Grace so long to think about whether to approach him or let him pass by, cause we didn't want to disturb him. xD

He was promoting Level up fitness at Spring Shopping Mall. =] 
the host like give wrong messages during the exercises. o.o ahahahahha! :D
KennySia was the DJ :P

Me and Grace walk around then suddenly her cousin called :)
and we watch The Tourist :D

It wasn't as awesome as Salt tho. :O I prefer Salt. huks~
But Angelina Jolie was seriously hot in there. hahahaha! :D :D

So anyways, at first we had to lined up to buy the tickets. TT the lined so damn long you cannot imagine. D: well, not that long la, I was exaggerating :P
so me and Grace went to buy popcorn and drink first :D while her cousin friend take care of the line and her cousin was no where to be found. =.=
than, the friend got a call from Chung, her cousin, :P and yeaa. Chung go and ask other people with membership card to booked ticket for us. wtf. :P
So yeaa. xD i was like, "my sis is going to kill me, my sis is going to kill me" cause I promised to watch with chacha using the ticket :D
we bought the tickets to early actually so we went for a walk :P and Grace past by that music shop :P
And the owner asked Grace if she wants to play the piano ;p

I love this photo of hers :D


We went up the hall to early so we decided to go cam-whore crazy :D
Grace is super short and thin. D: she makes me feel like I'm a freakin tall giant. TT

No choice liao. TT
she too short D: wtf

Love this one :P

Chung and his friend whom I don't know
his name yet :P

Us =]

In the lift. Fail. 

In the car. Fail #2.

My hair like got dye red ar :D

Nice! :))

After that, we went home :]
and my aunt came, and then chacha and Grace went out. o.o then chacha called, asked me to get ready to go out O: and check-check got Chung also. wtf. o.o
They 3 didn't bath since morning. xD

At first I thought we went to watch a movie, I was like, "Yay! double movie in a day" but i was wrong.
I was illegally brought to a lounge at some where around town :)
Then bocor rahsia here and there. xD haha

Grace was like hyper, funny, retarded and emo all at the same time :]
She really makes everything fun even at the times where fun didn't seem to have a meaning.

Then after the lounge, wherethereisnowaterformetowatchmyhandsatferatripfromthebathroomfml, we went to Chung's brother house :] and watch movie :D but I din't get to watch it finish. TT
sad cause it was funny. D:

Me and this playboy =]

Cinderella stayed up till midnight at parties, Sleeping Beauty got to sleep forever, Aladdin was a thief, Snow White lived with 7 men, and Goldilocks broke into a house and ate the bear's food.

And our parents wondered how "we turned bad"

Confessions/facts; I think good boys are boring. D: that's why I always got hurt. wtf xD but I don't mind tho. Cause I prefer to get hurt than feel nothing. xP

R.I.P 2O1O, you have taught me alot.

Moral-of-the-story; Sometimes you just gotta look at things in a different way, to discover that everything is going to be alright ;]


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