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  The only way out
Posted at 1/15/2011 10:16:00 PM

Listen to my heart voice out. 

Warning this is a rant and if you're not interesting, back off. Not in the mood. :((

I have no where to express my breakless feelings too but here. I know many are going to read and eventually invade my life and give me all sorts of advices, thanks anyway. :| 

Today is not my day. Like seriously. I feel like shit the whole day. Maybe shit feels better than me. I feel so lock up at home. Not because I'm being lock up in my room which clearly I'm not. It's just that my parents way of building me up is by stressing me. I hate being stressed, being forced to do something I don't like. I know they're doing it for their own good. I'M NOT NAIVE. Kay maybe I am when I said that. Maybe for them, I'm still a child that needs protection. Kay whatever. 
Anyways, the point here is I HATE PEOPLE STRESSING ME. sooner or later I'll have gray hair from all the stress :( I might even be thinking of running away. Which clearly yes I did think of that. :(
I'm not a good at being a good daughter well sorry for that. I know I'm not clever, nor am I hardworking. But you guys got to know I've been trying my very best. I know by myself that I should not be so lazy in my studies. I know how to think myself. Stop stressing me !!
Why don't you guys understand? At least understand what is going through with my life instead of scolding me in and out, pushing my head. Grrrr. I feel like crying :( 

and that is not enough :( i have more . but its just hard. ~

Sometimes all I need is understanding, nothing much :( 
and if that's so much to ask, THEN SORRY I WAS YOUR DAUGHTER. :'(

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