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  Persaraan Cikgu Sarkawi
Posted at 1/28/2011 05:34:00 PM
This post is especially for hardworking school mates :D
why hardworking? because lazy people won't read this, hahahaha! :D

As we all know, this week we have 3 teachers retiring. D: 

Cikgu Edgar D: 
My most love teacher during form 1 and form 2. :(

Cikgu Sarkawi
He's a guy who works for the school as a teacher and also is the Penolong Kanan :P
And third one is Cikgu Rick Hansen :) which the events are happening now at the school hall :P (28/1/11;4.14PM) xD

Cikgu Sarkawi retirement party started at 9am++ :) people were already waiting for him even before 8!
hahaha :D

Geh. Bunga manggar girls. -.- i wanted to take a photo of them lining up properly, not them posing. wth. xD haha!

"No sorry . I only want the proper lining up, not you poses" :P

I was the photographer for the Reporters Club :)
So I have the ability or I was able? to steal the pictures for blogging purpose. :D

 The event was a blast. But I got a little tired. D: running around the hall, talking, trying to work the camera, pushing through big people, D: haiz and I should be sleeping now, but whatever :D

The emcee of the day :)

The event started with the country official anthem, Negaraku :)
Then it was the doa, :D

After doa, the pengetua give speech :))

She said if she wear red means she's in a good mood. cause red is her favourite colour :)
After her speech , is the head boy speech :P

I never know his name cause he's form 6 :D and we don't mix with them like before. D:
so anyways, after him is Cikgu Sarkawi turn! :D

His speech so long. :P 
He was telling the students about his history :) and he told us to be good :P and stuff :)

Don't worry teacher, we will be good :') 
he even said, Before he moved to Gapor 10 years and a month ago, he hope that he will enter Gapor :)
He said that, Gapor is different. Mix of excitement, fun, and more. :D i don't quite remember =X
I wish I could jot it down. D: haiz

Then the Principle give him presents, :) 

Retirement presents from the school , the Prefectorial Board, Monitors Board and students :)

Then they played a slideshow for him :P

I saw him crying ! :D
AWWWW :') he must be so touched and sad at the same time because he's retiring. AWWWW.

Next program is Vivia Cheong and some other people singing YOU RAISE ME UP. :D

Vivia Cheong is AWESOME maxx! 

Next is Stephanie Bulan and geng :PP

Their like OMGAWESOMELIKEWTF with the Glee song, To Sir With Love :))

Among all the singers today, I love Vivia Cheong and Stephanie Bulan voice the most :) 


More photos ;)


More photos ;) find your face :D


p/s do comment below :D i would feel lot more appreciated if you do. this post cost me 2 hours of my time. =X wtf. comment please ;D

Dhaaa =]

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