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Posted at 1/25/2011 05:53:00 PM
Yes my dear friends, PJK is indeed a very dangerous subject the government has ever decided on, >.>
WTF. why I say like this? stay tune ;)

Today got so many things happen. :D and last night, my Physics Tuition teacher crushed my dreams of standing under a rainbow by saying we can't do that. TT

I took a lot of pictures during PJK this morning with my girlies Catherine and Li Fei =]
I wish Cass wouldn't be so camera shy :|
Anyways, PJ teacher was teaching us girls how to play rugby while watching the boys play it. :PP

The boys :)


Amy, Catherine, Me :))

Me and Amy :D

Rugby ball. O.O catherine take want :PP

We're at the scouts area :D the thing was high and stable but wobbly D: 

Some more boys :D lelong2, murah2 XD

Hot babes ;)

Sie Siew: MUAHAHAHA >=D I'm going to kick this ball !! MUAHAHAHHA !!

She is evil. TT xD

I wonder what is Amy doing. O.O

Traffic light us :D
Stop when you see Amy, Slow down when you see Catherine,
and go when you see Priscilla :D

Obviously fail photo. TT



They two want kena sunburn :PP

So anyways, why I say PJK is dangerous?? :O 
TT. I hate PJK. The only day I hardworking to change shirt some more ! TT

I got hit by a rugby ball wtf TT. and i fainted. D: amy really hates me D: i faint she still can posing and laugh there. TT. my head will hurt if I shake it. D: uhuhuhuhuuh!


Ok la, actually i got secret to tell you :D 
I didn't faint. :) I ain't that weak mann. xD instead when the ball hit me, I sit on the grass with my face cover, LAUGHING. HAHAHAHAH ! :D
But Adrian, the boy who hit me, thought I was crying and everyone was like, "oo Adrian oo" XD


Then after recess, is maths, after maths is BM. I follow Cass go change shirt :PP
after change shirt, I go Alpha next door there to ask whether who become MC tomorrow. O:
Then inside there is Cikgu Ellena. she's like rushing me :PP ahahaha!
Then I finished talk already, I just want to say, "BAI TEACHER I LOVE YOU" but Amy go and push me walk faster, so I ended up squealing. TT wtf "BAI TEACHERRRR I LURVEEEE EEUUU" ftw
Mr.Shorty laugh at me. D:

Amy hates me. TT i know, i know. TT

Moral-of-the-story; Stay ALERT ! You'll never know when a rugby ball might hit you :PP

Not mine :PP

Dhaaaa =]

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