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  Drama =]
Posted at 1/31/2011 12:21:00 PM

p/s read this first if you havent :p

I felt intense drama last night. .___.
At first Chung was being gay and asked me to be his gf for a day. he even asked me to pinky promise. D: i hesitated. -.- but yea, he keeps bugging me. D: so yea finally i pinky promise in front of the toilet. xD hahaha! but then, whenever we're together, Shorty was always within me. I even wrote Shorty name on his chest x) dang so deserve to be slapped now x) hahahaha!
Then in the coffee shop , he start again. D: he says, he wants forever. I refused, then he got all emo. =.=
Ah Fook and Encik say this few days he always emo. bwahahahha! :D got rejected :PP
whateverla. then he went out, we talked :) he said that his the bestest thing that will ever happen to me, so ego like that one. xD then i told him, "if two people in a relationship without love, it would be painful" :| so he said, "nothing is impossible. if you think can is can. you don't think so much" then I said, "if every time i say can, then can already. everything would be easy" . I told him a few times i'm in love with Shorty but yea. .__. I was still hesitating until he called me a bullshit. -.- fcuk him. xD haha!
It was in Boulevard where I finally gave up :') I gave up. I GAVE UP. 

It was then I realized, Shorty only thinks of me as a friend. Shorty doesn't care about me like I do.
Shorty will always remains as Shorty. :(
His smile, his happiness, his laughters, his grins, his heart, it doesn't belong to me. 
so why i keep bothering? :| 

As I hugged Chung, tears fell down. And there's where I said I MISS YOU SHORTY for the last time.
I will not miss him even tho I still do. all the funny talks, all the laughters, the playful slaps, it never meant anything. :)


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