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  Shit :D
Posted at 1/22/2011 03:35:00 PM
By shit. I didn't mean that literally :PP

It's Mr. Poo WTF :D
Yesterday Kevin and Yang so disgusting go to the boys hostel to collect poo to let Sie Tak eat wtf
so bad la them. D: and disgusting. hahahahah xD
Then that time is History lesson, so they came in late :PP bringing a pink plastic ;D fcuk.
then they put the poo beside Kevin :PP then Sie Tak go and get and throw it down the 2nd floor. ;D
The next thing we knew, some odd insects were flying up. They were so many of em! if I can just take my phone out, and capture it. wouldn't that be nice :PP we would have a capture moments of everytime something funny happen. :'))

My quote (and my handwriting) in Debbie's notebook :))

This is my desk *facepalm*

Hahaha :D

In the afternoon, all the prefects have some Kursus Kepimpinan which made me half dead when I arrived home after that :| The activities in the Ice-breaking section was fun :D everyone made friends with everyone :D haha I even made some more new younger friends. :)) I even hug them :DD
Then after that, got this one ceramah wtf Pengacaraan something LOL I bet everyone was super tired and sleepy and hungry and tired that I bet majority doesn't listen :PP
at the end, Cikgu Hafiz ask for some volunteers to act as an MC to see whether we were listening or something.. I volunteer. :D because I was sleepy and I need to wakeup xD and also I want to show that I got listen. ;p or at least.... xD ahaaaa!

Some random photo of an MC.
Then the so-called-judges need to judge me base on my appearances, tone, mic position, voice, kelancaran in english :PP they said I was okay xD George judge me on my voice. He said I was okay full with feelings at the front part but at the ending I FAILED. D: it wasn't my fault I laughed because I said Safian instead of Safuan :PP hahahha~ I cannot be an MC for sure :PP i always make mistakes like this even on formal occasion :| don't ask me more i don't want to tell you how i embarrass myself before. fcuk . xD

Oh yeaa, before the Kursus start, me and Mel went to 101, shops opposite my school to have lunch. :))
I was like craving for kolok mee like since the night before. D: i crave the salty-salty kolok mee :PP
nyums <3

Me and Mel's kolok mee :D I ordered Green Tea and she ordered Teh C :P the kolok mee so freaking damn nice even though so super salty cause they put a lot of vinegar :D but it was AWESOME! some more got soup :PP rm3 is worth it even though after that we were broke D:
oh if you noticed, there's a Mentos sweet in the middle there :P ee ming give me :) he remember what he promised me last year :') 

We've been bestfriends for 4 years already :)) since form 1. I'm so proud of us ;) despite the difficulties we get because we can't hang out together all the time, we're still what we are 4 years ago :))

I love her, Melvina Selvia :')

Then we sat at the kopitiam? cafe? i also don't know. cafe don't sell kolok mee, i think...?? D: gah.. and coffee shops ain't that clean. LOL. cafe laaa. xD
anyways, we sat at the cafe for about an hour plus and then we got up and walked back to school for the stinky kursus :PP

We had to walk through the bushes and forest and grasses just to get back to school. D:
there was another road way but we as teenagers often choose shortcuts :PP as a result we nearly drop into the drain ;D and we nearly got mud on our shoes. hahahah xD


Click the picture and try to find a yellow building :D that's my school hidden behind trees :))

101 :PP

more of 101 :PP

Last night i sleep at 9+ and this morning during 1st and 2nd period of Bio I was super sleepy. D:
not enough oxygen in my brain that cause me to yawn and eventually get sleepy afterwards. BIO FACTS. xD hahaha! :PP

so anyways this morning still got kursus kepimpinan but it wasn't as fun as yesterday D;
And today I only enter class for the 1st and 2nd period and also the last 5 minutes :PP

confession/facts: I always wanted talk to you. But there was never a chance. :( I don't want to risk being called a slut so i hold on to my feelings.

I love to laugh alone. :))

Moral-of-the-story; The short cuts are always easy at first, but in the end, it turns rough. And you'll eventually fall. :O

Dhaaaa =]

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