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  St Joseph Band Idol
Posted at 1/31/2011 09:24:00 AM
This is the second time my blog title has St.Joseph in it. :D
The first one was when I went there for a Prefect Telematch. xD and this is also the second time I've enter the school and get lost . :D

This time, I went in for their annual Band Idol :) Delson fetch me up after 6.30pm when he told me to get ready by 6pm. D: wtf. xD

When we arrived, we met his awesome pinoy mixed chinese friend, Karla :P and her Arabian friend :D
At first we thought she was kidding about the Arabian thing, Eerh , nope she wasn't xD LOL

The emcee, Ivan and Priscilla. xD same name. x)

Azwan ka his name? xD his awesome :D

Still Azwan :)

Still Azwan xD

The judges talking to Azwan :P

These two boys are hawts! xD The Fockers :)

The Fockers. xD Guys in pink xD

Faizul Zuraimi =]

his hair like that if white look like beethoven :D

Still faizul =]

His twin sister give him flower :D
epic fail photo cause got my thumb -___-

Oh yeahh Sexyphones :DD

Their okay? :P the blue shirt look like chinese but she's
actually a muslim O:

Black Mad Machine. xD

Their awesomeness to the max!

The Fockers hotness can't beat their awesomeness :D

Black Mad Machine :D

st3 group . xD two groups from st teresa :))

The way they dance are just awesome!

Judges talking :3

Armand =]

LOL :D Ivan the emcee is doing something to Armand
 After all the contestant finish performing, we had to vote for them :PP 
30% of our votes is into them =]

The contestant asking for votes. ;D

While the people are busy voting and the emcee's are busy counting the votes, the St Joseph band entertain us :))

Their awesome! :D 

I was like, "why Gapor don't have one?!" :|

Got play with flags some more ;D like a gymnasium :3

I think the flag thing was a bit to..... gay :3

The 3 judges :D

LUP DUP LUP DUP. xD the contestant lining up for the results. :)
oh BTW, i vote for The Fockers :D one reason, their hot. xP ahhahahhahahah! :D
FYI, the two st teresa bands, both same leader O: i was like, "how can like that?! so selfish one" :DD
eii. true what ;D she got in two groups, leader some more :33

The last 3 contestant =]
Guess who won ;) aahhahahha!
1st is the st3, 2nd is Black Mad Machine, 3rd is Armand :PP
the sexyphones at the 8th place. lucky. xD otherwise the leader got two certificates ;D
wakakakkakaaka !!

Their haven't ready group photo :D

Taddanng! :))

LOL. =]

btw, don't happy first because i ONLY take photos of them :P i also got cam-whore baa ;))
ahahahahahahahaha !! don't cry ;D

Me and my buddy Delson =]

My self cam-whore :D wth is wrong with Delson O:

Karla Anne Lu !

Me and darling Karla =]

To be truthful , the band idol was out of expectations. and it's a bad thing. xD i thought it was going to be all rocky and rnb and stuff :p but nooo. it's just pure jazz =]
Me and Delson was like, "Pffft what a concert" . Then Karla was like, "at least it's free" then me and Delson was like doing the not appreciated face. xD then Karla merajuk :3
well, i didn't say I didn't have fun right? I did :)

From right; Half naked leg, full clothed leg, full clothed leg
2, a quarter naked leg. ;D
This is the leg porno. hahahhahaha! :D

Moral-of-the-story; You can make things fun by thinking it's fun :)

btw this post is written fully on 30/1/2011 and published on 31/1/2011 for some reason :P

Dhaaaa =]


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