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Posted at 1/20/2011 05:15:00 PM
No this is not a THANK YOU post :PP but first of all, I would like to thank my scratch on the leg which I'm still trying to figure out where it comes from. :O I was sleeping and the next day, I found the unknown born scratch on my leg. Did I sleep walk? :O

But still, without it, I wouldn't get to talk to Mr.Shorty just now. :') WTF. It's like a dream come true. Like seriously after stalking eye-ing all the times I accidentally look at him. Well, we talk before but it wasn't much :PP haha! -squeaky voice- i love the way he smile. :D :D haha! I told him I fell into the drain cause I laugh at people who said he was handsome. xD not the truth. sorry. hope he don't read my blog. :D
Fcuk! I sound so like an irritable little despo. :PP -squeaky voice- I'm not a despo FTW
Okay2, Enough about My.Shorty :))

Last night I slept around 12+ midnight. D: well, it's my usual time tho cause I'm always up to late doing my unfinish homework. D: but last night, I was doing something different. Well it's homework too, but it's something different. It took me a long long long long time to do. 1 hour plus of research and half hour to write. D: and I my head was reaaally aching after that. D: so anyways, I wrote about Sarawak forefather :) JAMES BROOKE

I would like to share it on blog but it's like so damn long and I so damn lazy now. :D 
But I'll share something tho. :)) You see, many people hated James Brooke cause he made people pay high tax. :O The Ibans even wanted to chop his head and hang it on the rail? :O

James Brooke led an extraordinary life. He died on 11 June 1868 after he suffered from stroke. James Brooke dedicated himself to a cause that he genuinely believed to be greater and more important to his own life or happiness and it is not surprising that it brought him both his great satisfactions and that caustic bitterness and sense of failure that poisoned him in his later life. That is why I wrote about him. Without Sarawak he would have nothing to live for and without him, Sarawak would have either become a neglected Dutch possession or remained a despised backwater of Brunei. He offered it identity , self respect and a firm independence. 
- White Rajah; Nigel Barley

Some random picture :D and description. :))

Me and my tuition buddy :D
My tuition buddy, Delson whom I known even before tuition :D :D
I like the way we have something in common ;) there's one less people who called me a playgirl for having 10 ex-boyfriends FTW 

I was bored during maths class :| so I rub and rub to get the eraser shades :PP to make this. :DD

This is the mentos candy Naomi accidentally drop on the floor in tuition last night, ;D


Even Meme ask me. D: haha.
This few days it seems hard for me to save money. :| Grrrr. I've save RM2 after 3 weeks of school.

My prefect teacher say my prefect skirt so short and its not an A shape WTF. :X then she ask me go make new one. she think i rich meh?!!! D: if she sponsor nevermind also. :| damn.

Of all the teachers, I just simple heart my English teacher, Madam Flowrese. 
I'm guessing everybody love her too. :D she so fun and funny and fun. :DD anyone who has her as an English teacher is lucky. or even better Class teacher. xD

We sang Kingston Town song during English period just now. :D :D Ahhhhhhh~ So fun. :))
Then in the end we ended it with KUCHING TOWN. :)) 


I have a pen, my pen is blue, I have a friend, my friend is glue.
Ahh, It rhymes. :PP

Moral-of-the-story; Save money for the better future. WTF

Dhaaa =]

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