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  Today is not my day seriously
Posted at 1/11/2011 06:39:00 PM
Today rain whole day. ._____. from last night till now evening also haven't stop. D: wtf
School flooding wth my shoes wet but luckily not that wet. :)
poor cass and all the people who use front gate, cause I hear the flood is till knee-length. omwtf O:
Pity. xP

I like this dress. :D
But too bad I can't buy it cause it wasn't in a
good condition. D:

This morning I come to school, first thing I do is gossip with Debbie and Catherine. :) 
I was telling them I wanted to break. :P
Then I told them I like Mr. H. TT. then they say, Mr.H = not good people. D: Grrrr.
Then suddenly hearing what they had to say, I feel so deceived to the max. so deceive that I feel like @#@@$#!$!!!%% >.<
Mr.H is a lying scum bag two faced evil doodoo bitch monster frog. D:

I look like I'm working. (:
 So then, I put Mr.H aside while complaining all day long I feel deceive. Like seriously, I thought he was different =/
So anyways, then I texted Chung that I wanted to break. But he change topic. Then I bring him back to that topic. Than he say he don't want to break. Then he change again. wtf. D:

I like this shirt. It was furry :P
But I want a black one. :(

I feel so deceived. TT

Oh then afternoon went out to the bank to do some stuff then go Upwell buy some clothes. :)
I bought that black and white shirt up there. :D with a black skinny :))


Today is Yang Liang Ying birthday. :)
Sie Tak bought him a cake. Oh wait. It was actually collect money to buy. But I didn't pay. I didn't know. xD I was the odd one out. D: so anyways, I went in class after recess and saw them cutting cake, so I was like, "Arrr. I want cake!" :P then all the boys look at me, silence. o.o awkward. :P
haha x) then Sie Tak throw the cake at Yang. :D hahahha!

how could you let go when you promise to hang on. TT, or maybe you could at least hang on for a while. Im sorry if im not a good person to you. But i never mean for us to separate like this. Oh dear keychain, texting wont be the same without you. *emo* :'(

My keychain fell at Upwell. :/ 

Moral-of-the-story; Never delay fixing your keychain. :'(


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