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  Today is so tiring
Posted at 1/28/2011 06:01:00 PM

Like seriously. I woke up around 4++, then go Facebook use phone ;p 
ahahaha! :) Recently, I often use 0.Facebook to online cause I'm super bored and super can't always use laptop to online. fml. D: sometimes I wish Twitter and blog has a 0 site too :P 
haha. xD especially Twitter. so need it. :D

So anyways, I went to school extra-extra early today. D: fml . it was so dark . and got spotcheck!
well, i'm one of those who help spotcheck people. :D 
We didn't get any handphones, as I hope, xP but we did get a bottle of Wrigley's Chewing Gum and a spana ;D what's with the spana? i also don't know :p the guard said some students threw it into the bushes. wth was the student thinking bringing a spana? -.- BOI, Cikgu Micheal Quek, most famous KHB teacher in my school will be so happy when he receive that spana xP


Well, during Maths period, majority of us got called out to hear a speech by the pengetua. :P
I was so freakin happy when I heard my name being called cause I was super lazy to sit in class and listen to the teacher talking :P LOL. (spm student like this tsk2) xD
But then, when we arrived the APD room, D: we had to wait for her, for like 1 hour. D: fml. from 7.35am, till 8.35am. curses. -.- like beggar we wait outside. LOL ;p

Nothing much from the pengetua tho. Throughout the whole 1 hour speech by her, I only know that I have to get an A for my test, and that she got inspired by wanting to experienced the 4 seasons that's why she became what she is today. (an inspiration which she later regret. xD) oh and ! I also learned to sit and stand without making noises with the chair :D 

The next thing I did the moment we went out the bilik apd is running back to class to get my bag. I have to run here and there to get the Cikgu Edgar photos printed for the Reporters Board. D: i also need to run here and there to find a camera because Cikgu Nazmi forget to bring. -.- 
And I did all that with a bag behind me, a bottle on my left hand while eating a burger using my mouth, holding it with my right hand ! wtf. And when I said run here and there, Yes, I did run here and there. TT even knock against a pole. fml.

Lucky I was on time for Cikgu Sarkawi retirement party. xD haha :D
I was like so freakin tired like I said in my previous post, haiz. :(( actually, it's not my job to take photos, but Cikgu Awang trust me so much with the camera xP ahahahahah! Hazim is okay whatt..... he looks like someone proler using a camera :PP LOL
and during the event, the camera keep on betraying me, TT WHY!! it keep on dying. D:
SCHOOL YOU SO NEED A NEW CAMERA. xD lucky I manage to take see-able photos :)) heeee!

The boy who cekik pinggang there so loso. -.- and sakai. and paikia. wtf. -.- Like seriously.
I was busy taking pictures, he always say, "NAMAHAL AMBIK GAMBAR? HSY(why take photo)" so loso want. -.- Gago sukati saya laaa! fml. mlm -.- hahaa his friend also say like that. wtf la. so villager minded betul . At least I have something better to do baaa.  ITS.MY.JOB.TO.TAKE.PHOTOS.USING.A.CAMERA.WHY.YOU.NEVER.SEE.PEOPLE.TAKE.PHOTO.KA? DO.YOU.UNDERSTAND.ME?.OR.DO.I.NEED.TO.SPEAK.IN.THAIS.FOR.YOU.TO.UNDERSTAND?
 -.- geez, they thought i purposely want play with the camera ka? -.- i really so piss off with him. curses I no time to tell them off. just give them "stared" nia. xD
those types of people are the reason I'm being so racist. hahahahahha ;D seriously~

Teachers melepak :P

The secrets on living a hopeful life is to have great friends that will no matter what stand by you :) ♥

Moral-of-the-story; Don't kepo-kepo if you don't know anything. xD you might end up in my blog :D especially if you are a villager minded person :PP

Dhaaa ;)

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