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  Tomorrow's Leader Summit
Posted at 1/29/2011 11:32:00 AM

When I first saw @SWKBLOGS tweeting about Tomorrow's Leaders Summit, my first impression was like OMGWTF. :P haha~ I'm so in :)

As all my loyal readers, friends and I know, I'm a prefect =] though sometimes I fail to understand how can I be one since I'm not exactly the good girl in school :P I talk when i'm not suppose to, I bring illegal things and I eat in class. :D like wtf. -.- 
My friends told me, maybe it's my ability to talk(not in front of crowds) and the way how I interact with people and also how I'm quite known among teachers. Haha. :D 
Currently I am also the struggling President of The Reporters Club in school :) not to brag, but I'm currently stating a fact :) I learn it's not easy to be a President. *facepalm*

All the topics stated above, I'm going to answer them all :)

- Well, simply because I can't work as an underdog. I'm used to being a leader. (minus the no position in The Prefectorial Board fml) Sometimes I sucks at it. Sometimes I tend to leave my responsibility. Sometimes I tend to be ignorant. Why I want to join? Because I know, there's more to learn than just see. :)

- I believe I can gain the most by joining it. :) I can learn how to become a better leader. Maybe for the better future. Who knows what might happen. xD I can even gain extra curricular marks for college! wtf

- As read here , Ms.Andrea Forseka(Ms.Universe (Malaysia) 2004), Mr Geofrey Perrin Williams (Actor & Informed Youth), Ms Amber Chia (Fashion Model, Mother, Businesswoman), Mr Faisal Abdullah (Fashion designer), Ms Lina Teo (Miss Malaysia World 1999), Mr Harizal Zain (Director of Documentaries), Les Copaque (UPIN IPIN Producer) and many more (yes.. the list is set to grow!!)
Yes. I did copy and paste :PP and also, bloggers around Sarawak or maybe Kuching will be coming :) oh, another thing to add on the WHAT CAN I GAIN question, FRIENDS =]

- I believe, TLS can build a better LEADERS in SARAWAK :) and who knows, because of TLS, Sarawak might be like America in the future :3

- So far Sarawak is okay I think? Maybe. I seldom read the newspaper fml even tho my dream career is to be a reporter. FAIL. -.- but still, Sarawak is a place like no other :) it has less crimes and the people here don't live under trees. (even though some of the people here act like they live under the trees -.-) Sarawak has the best, let it be tropical rain forest or just the forest, it's still the best among all ! Though we have water pollution, air pollution, but nevertheless, Sarawak is still the bestest place to live in. :) maybe not the funnest because all the singers goes to KL, but still, I don't care whatever you guys out there say, SARAWAK IS MY HOME :) KUCHING IS MY CRIB :P

- Like I said in the previous topic, Sarawak still has her hopes. Sarawak is not dying even tho majority of us think so. Sarawak still can be improve :) Think positive!

Growing up, I've come across many people who wants to be a Princess, A King, A Queen. Okay fine, only when in Kindergarten and Primary School I found my friends talking like that.
I myself, I wanted and also want to be a Datin :) Since before I believe I possess the nature attributes of becoming one. :P Datins or VVIPS are always late when coming to an official ceremony :PP
Datin Fatimah is different tho. She always comes on time :))
But then, what Kindergartenners, Primary Schoolers don't know is that it takes more than a title when it comes to becoming a Princess, King, Queen. :) They always think that becoming those 3 things are great, always having the easy life. And as I grow up, I learn that, THAT'S NOT TRUE. Children tend to believe everything they see and read from those fairytales book. :O therefore, they're always known as the naives one.

Being a KING, QUEEN and PRINCESS is more than just fame and title. It's also takes responsibility and hard work. :) I believe with TLS, they can change the views and perspective of people who thinks being a leader, you can buy anything you want, order anybody and kill anybody who gets in your way.


Dhaaaaaaaa :))

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