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  The world is a menace
Posted at 1/15/2011 10:38:00 PM
Last week during PJK lesson, my teacher talk to us about how the world is revolving and how the younger generations are acting. 

You see, boys used to look like this....

and girls used to look like this :)


Nowadays it's different. :O it's like reverse. and soon, we'll have more gays and more tomboys. :O
Like seriously. -__________-

Let me pint point a few examples. :)

Boys used to have short and neat hair. 

But now, it's different D:

They want long hair. long long hair. o.o some even beat out the length of a girls hair. :O

They even start to dress up themselves. Like wearing earing and using eyeliners. :O

I still don't get the eyeliner and earing part. D: some body help me on this. LOL

I don't get why boys like to use skinnies. It's better for the girls though it shows their leg shape. :)
But for boys, o.o not only their leg shape but also............ D:
even worse got some boys use 1 string t-shirt to show their abs and skinnies and they often look like gays. D: 

Other than that, I've come across with boys who cared more of their appearances than girls. some are even willing to buy the complete set of face treatment. whoa. okay but that's alright. it means they think their handsome and wants to stay the same. :P

Girls aren't any different. Nowadays we can find girls with tattoos as much as the boys. :O

Maybe getting a tiny cute tattoo would do to show that you're still feminine, but I think girls with loads of tattoos are tom-boys :O no offence but it's just my personal opinion :)

LOL. I think that's just about it. :)

Let's just hope one day, girls don't go out raping mens :P ehehehehe!

Dhaaaaaaaa =]

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