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  Chinese New Year Eve
Posted at 2/03/2011 06:08:00 PM
Okeii. today is so not Chinese New Year Eve :P
as a matter of fact it's a late post. haha. well, what do you expect me to do last night during midnight?
Blog? no way. :P i have a life. hahaha! :D

Last night. yet another I went out with the same people -.-
 ok la. nola. last night got addition :) i went out with as usual , Chung and Grace plus their cousin and their cousin fiancee :)

we went to Spring first to eat some ice-cream :P YAY. we scream for ice-cream . xD haha!
then we went to Chung's boss house. and see ENCIK !! :D
Gah. i'm so in love with my filipino friend x) my first pure onee !! :DD -sakai- =.=
oh2, we played fire-crackers with his boss kids :) awww their so cute with their big eye and english cum  phillipine accent :D wait, do they have any? o.o oh wait that's the mom :P

then we went to Chung's house, AKA Grace grandma house, because he needs to do bai bai? a buddhist praying and thing. :))

Then we played more fire-crackers :D

after his house, we go gamble at chung's boss house. so yea we went there again :PP
I played. TT and chung wasted a lot for me. D: well i think rm3 nia.. but  alot for me. D: after that i don't want play dy =.= stupid !! so i played with encik psp :p oooo... got Luxor fml !! that addicted game D:

Merry Chinese New Year guys ! and if ever you guys need a help in carrying all those mone.... err.. angpaws :p remember i'm always here for you :) :)) + even tho it's the year of a rabbit, it doesn't mean you can become a playboy, okayy? :DD

me and duckie head. xD
lazy rotate. JUST ROTATE YOUR HEAD if you no head
xD or rotate your laptop ;3

Oh, how's your reunion dinner? :)


your open house? :)

I visited 3 house only today. D: i ate a lot at the first house. and starve at the 2nd house thinking i'll eat more at the 3rd house but the 3rd house no heavy food fml !! 

moral-of-the-story; don't be to stingy to eat during Chinese New Year :PP

Dhaaaa =]


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