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  Happy Birthday Syamsul :D
Posted at 2/10/2011 05:16:00 PM

Once again it's another person birthday :D YAY. I love birthdays especially if it happens to my close friends. :) I love parties :D but it's been a while since I've been to one.. o.o 
Nobody does parties this days. Instead, they'll go out with other buddies to watch a movie etc

So anyways, today is Syamsul's birthday :D weeee!
He's turning 17 today. wow. And soon he can learn driving, then he'll pass the test, then he'll buy a car. And the best thing about this, he's my friend, and I get to bully him with his car. LOL
okeii. maybe not. :P let's not scare the birthday kid. :)

This is Syamsul. I've known him since form 2, my first nickname for him is weirdo cause at first he texted me and I didn't believe he was Syamsul. xD
He used to be my boy best friend, but then time drifted us apart and now we're just friends. :')
I remember all the things he did for me. :') and all I could repay him is a can of Ice lemon tea for his birthday. AWWWW i'm sorry ;(

So anyways, just now during English period we partayy like crazy cause teacher didn't come in :P
well, we didn't partayy laa. :)
Catherine, The Lee's them was drawing on the board. :P and the rest don't know do what?
Me, Kevin talk together. :) Cass do her homework. LOL

Below are the photos taken by Catherine :D haha

Fashbook :D Happy Birthday Syamsul :PP

Got my name there also :DD findd... lol

Priscilla Chung - Comment has been marked flag  . xD LOL. click to zoom in :))

and before going back, it's our tradition to sing the birthday boy a birthday song =]

Bai :)


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