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  Happy Valentines :)
Posted at 2/14/2011 05:51:00 PM

      █┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼█████┼┼┼┼┼V̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶i̶n̶e̶s̶ -┼█
 █┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼███┼┼┼┼┼┼┼D̶a̶y̶ ♥┼ █

Saw this at Spring which cost rm90++
So yeaa, me and Chung, and cheng, phyllis and fook went out together :) 
And the whole outing, Chung has an ill stomach, fook advised him to buy the pink colour panadol x)
hahahhaa. cause after eat, can give me :p lol 
so, chung pick me up , then fook , then we went to Spring to meet Cheng and Phyllis. :)
walk, walk, walk. suddenly feel like eating ice cream :D
then Chung halfway eat ice cream, then go toilet lol ahahahhaha

Cam-whore with Cheng specs :)

haha. x) I love talking to Fook :D we can talk and talk and talk. lol. okeii :D

Then after Spring, we went to Hock Lee to play games. :D YAYBUMPERCARSWITHBOYFIEYAY

But then, I'm always alone in wandering around the game area. TT i'm so lonely, that I even asked a stranger to play racing with me. wtf. I even scolded him for racing to fast! lol :p
so yeaaa. that was my story :)

after hock lee, i really no mood dy. send fook home, pick jeff then go OneJaya :)
I want to go find, John leh. But he don't have :( I just left him a note. bwahahahha. the salesgirl AKA my formal school mate said that he was the boss :P well, not boss la. just yeaaa. :P
Then I no mood ba, so I run here and there. I go to this juice stall, and simply talk to salesgirl about my problems. I HAVE ISSUES DUDE.

after that, we go 101 eat. I ate seafood. lol . :p YAYMUSSELSYAY =.=
Nothing much. I'm not in good mood, so I just kept quiet. + I so the emo wtf. But then sometimes I can sot sendiri. don't know what happen. I even spilt the cup full with ice :P
I EVEN WALK ON THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD FULL OF CARS. but the car was nice enough to stop for me =.= wtf drama fail  . haaa x)

after that, go back. like that loe. :) oh2, i bought him this for Valentine. :P

Tadanggg! my new friend from Sun Silver choose for me . :)

After come back, I so the emo some more I finish do all my chores got so tired so didn't finish my homework x) i go play facebook :D wakkakakakka.
+ i didn't text people. cause wasn't in the mood. .____. errrrrrrrr.
then around 12 midnight :) VALENTINE. woot. But this year, Valentine, I think I can use my epic life to do an epic movie. Cause I broke up with him on 12.04am during Valentine. :)
so epic.

I broke up with him, because with him, I'm always emo, and sad . :( and I always think to much. And stuff. + he's not worthy for my love. and also because someone told me, I should rather be lonely than be with someone like him . :) and i never thank him enough for using his magic words towards me.
well, but then, when I compare his attitude with mine, I'm actually looking at my own reflection.
To be honest, during my relationship with him,  I still flirt, I still say ILY freely to anybody I want, I text boys and tell them I miss them. wtf. but then, when I look at it properly, ALL I WANT IS HIS ATTENTION. ALL I WANT IS TO COVER ALL THE WOUND, THE JEALOUSY. haih :(

This morning, I go to school. It's Valentines, But it doesn't feels like Valentines.
I got a Valentine, His name is Kevin :) today he's my boyfie, tomorrow I'm staying single until I don't need it. haha x) we exchange chocolates :D the best part of Valentines is chocolates. EAT TILL YOUR TEETH ROT. bwahahhahaha

So yeaaa, I kept on crying this morning. Until Physics. The period before recess. :)
I sat on a table full with fun people. and I just couldn't helped but to laughed with them. They are so love :) Harry even said that if I still wanna be emo, then he have no choice but to slap me. xD
he reminds me of Catherine :( I miss her. she didn't come today. cause she go KL. haih. :( I hope she's fine :( but she did comfort me on facebook and i love her for that and I even cried like wtf on Amy's shoulder. :D hahaha haih

In Chemistry class :)
I was wearing my jacket the whole day. for 2 reasons. 1 is because I need my sleeves to cry on . and 2 is because  I'M FREAKIN COLD when everyone else is hot :P
I think I'm coming down with a fever D: 

Moral-of-the-story; Unless your boyfriend is loyal and he really loves you, Don't fcuking go into a relationship because in the end, when love fades, tears began to fall, all you ever going to do is cry and  you'll eventually leave your studies then in the end you fail public examination :P

Dhaaaaa =]

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