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  i'm being raped
Posted at 2/06/2011 01:56:00 PM
This few days has been the world to me. 
It's also the week where I did so many things for the first time.

But then every good thing has to end right? it has to. nothing last forever.
Okeii . i fought with my parents last night. and my freedom has been raped. haiz. :(
and now i'm in my 2nd facebook account. lol :p 
I just need him now. 

well enough emo-ing lol ;p more pictures. Cautions, over-excessive of pictures because I didn't blog for 2 days :D

my 1st day of chinese new year photos :)

then at 2nd cny night go out :)

Nothing can describe what I feel when your arms is around me :)

Then 2nd night chinese new year, Chung go gamble, while me, chacha, fook, grace and delson went to Star Cineplax and watch Mr and Mrs Incredible. :D the movie is simply awesome!
to bad for Chung who rather gamble :p

Fook love Grace's bag so much, even
during the movie, he still held it. :D

Half fook, me and half delson :)

This is me and fook :)
After movie, we went to find Chung gambling :P and winning back all the money he lose. :)
Then we go McD for a late night snack :)
After that, we all went to my sis boss house to overnight. me, chung and fook :)

Chung slept on the big sofa, fook had to sit on the chair and sleep while me and chacha at first slept on the floor but then moved to the bed in a room. :)
I saw him sleeping. It's my first time staring at my boyfie sleep, and it's super cute :)

3rd day CNY go visiting :)

Chung hair :D

We are one big happy family :)
my sis, me, chung and fook :D haha. all of us barely sleep and in the next photo, fook is posing with his eyes close. xD all of us only sleep for 2 hours, then we went out together super early again. xD

Grace in the middle :))

We went visiting together to his relatives house, then go Delson friend house too. :P

This is the cobra i took a picture of at his relatives house :))

LOL. so at night we went out again. we went to Chung's house visiting, then go eat then go visit cockroach brother. xD then go Pavillion :))

He's answering the phone and I still kepo2 go take photo. :D

Me and my darling Grace =]

Grace, Aaron and me =]
Aaron is such a great friend. In the middle of the night, he called me and comfort me. haha x)


the last day we are together, 5 February 2011
I can't meet him anymore. and I'm not okay. But this won't last. If what we call is love, than it will find it way back. :)
I hope he keep his promises. I hope he will wait. 321 days, 46 weeks, 10 months and counting till Christmas Eve . at that time, you'll be reading my blog about his decision :)
Whether he really loves me, or not. it's his decision. I know I do. And I can wait. Yes it hurts, but we have no choice. I really love him now. 
I hope time can rewind, and memories can act itself out. I would love to see all those pictures come alive. The times when we are together, are the times, I see no sadness within me. :)
I hope you love me the way I do. 

The last day wasn't a memorable day though. It's the first time we actually fought like FIGHT. ;(
everything went unexpected, and I was left in my room crying. 

Valentine is coming. :\

when there is nobody to trust you, i'm always the fool that does. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don't add your parents on Facebook unless you're a nerd that has no life.

Dhaaa =]

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