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Posted at 2/15/2011 06:19:00 PM
I just got back from Spring. :) 
I went there with Fook, Amy, Amy bf, Apek, Harry, Khai Lun, Adrian, and Sie Tak :) oh got fifi but she follow Abigail :P
haha. Fook become my friend dy :D we go out without the middle person. lol
At first I thought we were watching a movie. O.O
but then, changed become karaoke. haha x) nobody want accompany me watch movie leh. Amy and Amy bf got watched, but I don't want to be the bulb :P 
I asked Fook accompany me, but he rather karaoke. lol. well, at least he has a nice voice. :D

Amy's bf friend pick her, and apek then they go my house. But when they arrived I just want to go bath. wtf =.= they were like, "PRISCILLA WE OUTSIDE LIAO" and I was like "SIAO WHY SO FAST I HAVEN'T BATH" in my towel =.= wtfwtf
So yeaaa, they waited for me for 30 minutes. lol :P

When arrived, Amy needed to go to the toilet, when she go, she check. ...  WTF.. it's that time of the month again. D: fook say, the timing so good. :PP hahahahha x) 

-phone ringing-
Fook: where are you?

LOL. x)

AWWWW right? AWWWW :')

So yeaaa, after that we went to Gasoline for brunch :)

AWWWWWWWW with me people :P
I freakin jealous see both of them. haha x)

Apek take one :D

My moustache :))

so sweet this two :P

Apek and her mango vanilla something?

Fook. xD

Chocolate snowy :)

Seafood lasagna :P

Fried rice :)

Then after Gasoline, we went to Kbox :D weeeeeeeeeeeeee! ahahahhahaha x)

When I took this photo, everybody was like ERRRRRR at me. D:

I sang like only a few songs. :P and I sucks. whathefark!! xD ahahahhahaha

After kbox, go see Aaron baa :) he comforted me again. Haih. his words really speaks to me :')
So yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

Moral-of-the-story; when outing with a friend, never bring your little siblings along. they might waste your credit !!

Dhaaa =]


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