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  A love story :)
Posted at 2/08/2011 06:13:00 PM

I took this during PJ when everybody is playing Captain Ball, and me Facebook-ing, Gossip-ing. xD
well, yeaaa. this few days i'm so lazy to edit my photos and I don't care anymore :D
So yes, this is probably how I look like in real life

Last night, Yesterday, I really wasn't in the mood to do anything. LIKE FML. :(
Then I go to Physics tuition, and met my buddy. :) 
I love him. :') my buddy. ^^

My buddy isn't in his own usual state :( and me, as a buddy tries to help. but I know there's nothing I can do if your heart doesn't want to budge. I mean like, you can't force yourself to do things you don't want to. so yeaaa. 

You see, my buddy, he is different than any other boy I know. He expresses himself well. He is like a girl. :) he doesn't keeps what he feels like other boys, get angry and go hit a wall and stuff instead of trying to get motivated. :p

Girls who have him is really lucky. Unfortunately his ex doesn't think so. :/
Looking at his misfortunes makes me want to strangle his ex but then , naaaa. i don't want to because well, she ever like sponsor me eat and stuff. haha. x) wtf
She's like giving him hope that she'll be back and stuff but in the end, it's just empty hope. She doesn't want him with anyone, and yet she doesn't want him for herself but just to keep her company while she finds a new one. wtf

"I seek for the person to fill in the emptiness she left me. I never succeed cause it' s like she own the place and only she can fill in the emptiness. so sad, pathetic, weak. I wanna get back. Unless I find somebody who can have me totally forgets about her which would only happen if there's a miracle"

He is also the same person who asked me how to survive heart breaks. :)

I told him, I don't survive my heart breaks. when it hurts, it hurts like fcking much hell !! and yet I still look happy even though I don't feel like smiling inside. I pretty much happy right now except for the fact that I really miss my lala boy so much, that sometimes I get emo. :P but I remember the few months last month where I really got my really first really hard heart breaks. D: it really hurt like really hell that I sleep in a bed of tears :P it really hurts than whenever you smile it hurts even more :((

I don't talk to people much about my love problems. Just the friends that asked me and sometimes I blurt everything out to my bestfriends. Apart from that , it's hard for me to express myself using my tongue. I usually either write or blog about it. And yes I did blog about it. :) it's like on the day I lose my last year ex, I'll blog about him for about 4 month i think? Than I stopped. 

Why I stopped? because the feelings no longer there. because i got so bored of thinking about him.
Because I got so bored of crying. I got so bored of screaming. So bored of talking about him.
Because I decide that Love wasn't the only solution to live. Because I'm still young and there's bound to be other people for me. Because after crying myself to sleep for 3 months, I realize that everything I do is stupid. Nothing is always right. The paths I took is useless. 

So I took a different path. I start busied myself with things. Make new friends, make new heartbreaks.
People always come to me for advice when they just broke up, I always tell them to cry it out. :]
I always tell them to express their feelings. 

And this is what I'm doing now. My heart is in pain. It's not because I'm emo and sad and wanting to cut my fingers and stuff :P but it's because it's been a while since I felt love so yeaaa =]

"No. :) I understand so much buddy. It like hurts. The emptiness hurts like wtf. Especially when you re-remember all the memories you guys did and you'll be like, "how did we get here?" I hope I don't lose Chung because he's like the only guy that manage to make me go crazy after my ex. 4 Months plus I cry for my ex. After that even tho I like a crush but it never goes to love. Even Shorty can't replace the feeling love. wtf. ftw. fml."

it's true tho what i said above. :) I never knew I fall for LaLa boy -.- but I guess the times we spend together makes the love we thought it was into it is. =]

"Think positive! =] Chung once told me, if you want something, you only think can, than can already"
ehehehehhehe :)

Dear Christmas Eve, please come faster. :DD

bai :)


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