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  Malaysian girl plus road accidents
Posted at 2/19/2011 05:18:00 PM
If you guys are wondering what's with the wtf title, well I also don't know. :D
Today post is almost about it. :) 

Just now, on my way to pick up my siblings, from school an accident happened, just right beside me. 
Like seriously beside me :P and I saw everything that happen. And I so fricken proud^^
okeii. err. nola proud. :P lol I even took photos! ftw :D I hope they don't see this cause I lazy sensor their faces. :D 

The big car got knock at the ass by the Naza :P both cars survive I don't know what's fuss about -.-
Just a bit dirt on the white car. LOL

So yeaa, Malaysian girl plus road accidents. :D
I've been in way to much muddy accidents being with car -.- and I don't mean it literally :P
some of the events are when I was in primary 4, :)
It was way back during Hari Raya 2004 -.- I wore jeans and black t-shirt. wtf. so lucky! cause my mum only brought spare clothes for my little siblings -.- anyways, the night before was rain heavily. and so the place of the house got muddy. D: wtf
when we were about to go out from the parking space which is also grass and mud wtf -.- the car got stuck. so stuborn don't want go out !! so me, as a good daughter O:) went out to helped my sis in law and bro to push the car. and THE MUD JUST FLEW TO ME !! fcukkkkkkkkk + FYI mud is tasteless. 
so yeaaa :PP

another car plus me accidents is around 2008 :)
I think I've blog about it in one of my early posts. :D I lazy find loe. :P 
Anyways, I almost got knock by a car on the road. D: well, i ran to cross the road, and i fell in the middle. i was all blur and laughing then I saw a car straight towards me, suddenly my friend pulled me away. x) bwahahha. stupid~~

well, there are a few encounter more with cars because I'm the clumsy type of person. and I don't really look left and right like what they taught us in kindy :P i just walk ^^ i seldom look left and right cause I believe if it's my time, then it's my time. xDD

Anyways, today is a Saturday but we have school. and how's school? nothing much. D:

Moral-of-the-story; If it's time, it's time. x)

Dhaaa =]

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