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  The Mechanic
Posted at 2/26/2011 02:48:00 PM

Movie Review :: The Mechanic

This movie is basically about Arthur Bishop(Jason Statham) getting rid of other people “problems” quietly. He is alert and sneaky all the time. He’s not scare of anything.

What I think about the movie? I think it’s freakingg scary with all the blood, killing, vengeance! LIKE WTF. Is like murdering people in a whole new level. Thumbs up though for the story line even though the effects wasn’t that cool. Like the fire effects was obviously done by amateurs :P

This movie taught me that nobody in the world can be trusted. Eventually there is going to be somebody who wants to shoot you down when you don’t even realize it.

I rate this movie, 5/10 =]



Last night, I went out with Tommy, Zack, Cassie and Jeremy =] I didn’t ask for permission earlier from my dad, so when I go out, my dad say, “GO OUT THEN WANT ASK PERMISSION” xDDD bwahahhaha! >:)

We went to Spring to watch movie at MBO. :) Yea we watched The Mechanic. The movie so epic bloody wtf =.= under 18 can’t watch! to violence :3 everytime got cruel scary killing scene, I’ll hit either Tommy or Jeremy :3 but mostly hit Jeremy cause I’m a righty. xD then I use my benie to cover my mouth and scream. Like wth that movie scares me!! The way Arthur Bishop killed people so WTF OMG ba !! at first I thought it was boring, we had no choice in watching it, cause I needa be back home by midnight :3 and I was like sleepy at the first till the killing starts, and I was like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!


With Jeremy =]


With Tommy =]


My face so high =.= with cassie :P


With Zack the driver of the night :))

Oh yeaaa, you know kaannn,, after I go back from MBO, chung texted say he at MBO =.= hahaha.


Then we went to 101 :)


Haha. before we find a place to sit, we went to Worldwide, the red dvd shop nearby :) Cheng’s ex works there, so I purposely go there and pretend to call Cheng, hahaha :DD then the ex look at me . LOL

Before we went back, I approached him cause Cheng asked me to ask him why he leave. I force him to text her why he break with her. x) I stood beside him until he text her. :D hahahaha~ so funny la. :3 I bet he must be like shock and stuff. :P I’m sorry, but I have to do this for my friend. :)


I log on into his profile, read his inbox, and learn a lot of him today. :)

Moral-of-the-story; some boys who ask for your phone number through Facebook, only WANTS you. But if he does that to you, he can do that to other girls too. :)

DHaaaaa =]

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