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  My friend :)
Posted at 2/09/2011 06:08:00 PM
Everyone has a friend, that one friend that everyone hangs on too.
That one friend that will never let you down no matter what.
That one friend that will always support you no matter how stupid you are.
That one friend that will jump off a building with you.

This year, I have found a friend, that suits me. That thinks like me. Talk like me. 
And I'm really grateful I found her. 
When I'm all sad and emo, I usually won't talk to anyone. Maybe I'll cry a while to feel a little bit better. then get emo again :(
But with her, she'll know a way to force me to speak. well, she don't need to force.
it's the way she speaks that makes me open up to her. 
I don't know how, she just know how to talk to me. know how cheer me up. 

Truthfully, last year, whenever people talk about her, I would follow. I don't know why? 
maybe it's cause I see what she shows, not the way she feels. :)
But this year, if I ever hear people talk about her, their going down, down, down... !!
But so far, I didn't hear anything. :)


She is sweet, loud, funny. She love to laugh but when she's angry she'll just speak her mind.
She's just like any other teenager. Seeking for the meaning of life. 
She's like the sister I never had, like the friend I seem to seek all the time.

I never knew we would become so close. she taught me a lot and I'm really grateful of that.
Because of that, she deserves to be in this post :)
When I need a hug, she'll hug me. She knows when I'm sad, so she'll ask me not to pretend happy.
She'll know why I'm emo, and she'll ask me to not think so much.
And the thing I love the most about her, is when I'm in trouble, she'll never hesitate to help me. 
I just hope someday, I could repay her instead of always have to make her into a burden. D:

We used to text till we fall asleep, but now, she no credit. LOL. she need save. xD

She's not perfect, neither does anyone. she may have a lot of flaws, but she never tends to show it.
She's like a pineapple. Hard at the outside, sweet and soft in the inside. :P

This is my friend, and I love her. :)
I'm so lucky to have found her.


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