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  My life when it has nothing
Posted at 2/24/2011 05:17:00 PM

Well, my life is so many thing but nothing. I have so many things to hope for, but I chose to feel nothing. And it’s actually kinda stupid.

I finally took away and decide to let go of my once-used-to-be-love. But I guess fate never wants me to let go too early. It has its own way of finding me back when I didn’t want it no more.


Last night, me and Cheng was playing around shooting Chung. Open-mouthed smile and I slept around 1+am for it. wtf. –.- so this morning I was like a half dead zombie walking to school x)

Arrived at school, nothing much. I realize I have the tendency to slap, hit, even punch people when I’m over excited from laughing. haha. Open-mouthed smile, and it’s all Cheng’s fault. lol. we talked through my classroom window during BM lesson. I laughed so hard, that I knock Cass head. Smile with tongue out , which I did unpurposely.

During Chemistry was pressure. The teacher keep on nagging. She even told us about her primary 2 son, putting him as an example like us. wtf. she asked us to cut our internet because it distracts us a lot. NO WAY MAN. i mean WOMAN. Sleepy smile, but yeaaa, doesn’t she knows that I can’t do thing properly when she nags? or anyone nags? =.= is like she’s disturbing my peace. I don’t care if it’s the class that makes noise as long as it’s not teachers Open-mouthed smile. But still, Chemistry today was special and I will remember the date forever. Red heart, LOL.  because for once, I’ve actually completed my essay work in class. wtf. It’s my first time I feel like crying, even taking a photo of my essay to show it on blog, Crying face.

Come back home, I decided to play with people feelings. and you know what I freakin feel now? GUILTY. fml. Sad smile. well, it wasn’t my fault entirely. I was just giving the boy something to learn from. He can’t just go around to all girls and tell them he loves them and leave them just because another girl confess to him that they loves him. He’s like freakin wth desperate =.= why so desperate baa? if there is really a girl for you ,  she will come no matter what. Just be patience. wtf *bitch slap boy*

I told him the truth. he got over-emotional. =.= duhh, this trick. he did it to my friend yesterday to. wtf la you. LOL. Smile with tongue out, no wonder ba you no girlfriend . cause everybody scare you’ll die just because they leave you. then the whole Alviss Kong story come back again. Disappointed smile


Just before going back home time, I had a constant trip to the Teachers Office for so whatever reason, Surprised smile. and I tiredd LOL. The last trip was to get and essay question to hand out as homework by my awesomely mysterious epicly awesome English Teacher Smile with tongue out, we need to do a 360 words essay on “WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD”  Confused smile,, we were all wondering, what’s up with the tittle. Surprised smile, and seriously it’s no joke. haha. it’s real. Thinking smile, I’ve come out with an idea, but don’t know it fit 360 words or not. I best be giving it a try on Saturday. I can’t do so tonight as I still have 92+9 more add maths question to rush to for tomorrow. wtf.


Once again, as always, I manage to make a long boring entry to post despite not having any mood to blog. Smile with tongue out, ain’t I awesome? Open-mouthed smile, say yes, say yes. Or I’ll curse you bold tonight. Smile with tongue out,

Moral-of-the-story; Trust in yourself. Be confident and you’ll never fall !

Dhaaaaa =]

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