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  My mum is back !!
Posted at 2/18/2011 06:08:00 PM

My mum just got back from a 10 days trip from Korea =] 
YAY! the house will be noisy again. and everything will be back to normal. Just the way I like it :)

Rudy, mumy, auntie and uncle :)
BTW, google Dr.Rudy Tawie :D he's currently the pride
of Sarawak. wtf. -haolian mode-
After school, we(me, dad, jeff and fifi) went to fetch her and my uncle and auntie at the airport :)
but we had to wait a while cause the flight delay. while that, we ate McD at airport :D

Mine is Big Mac, and fifi one is Spicy Chicken McDeluxed :)

Jeff happen to be Happy Meal. xD I feel as if he's to old for this even tho he's just 9 :P

Me =]

Mum's luggage x)

After got back home, mumy take out everything from her luggage and give us our souvenirs/clothings. :D YAYAYAYAYAYAY !!

Mumy said she fell in love with those socks, she everyday go and buy. 10 days = 10 different socks
wtf LOL. it's thick, and soft. and when I say thick ITS LIKE WTF THICK !! in Malaysia, weather so hot, can't use -.- later your feet smells. lol i wonder if she ever thought of that  :P

Menu -.- 
she stoled this !! LOL

How's school? :) 
I'm crazy like wtf crazy today. But all I wanna do is sit down and shutup. oh well, :)
+ I cursed a lot too today. D: which is bad. Shouldn't make cursing a habit. TT

My sis, fifi :))  same face ma? xD who more cute? hahahahah

Moral-of-the-story; An ex is an EXample of things that should be left in the past :)

Dhaaaa =]


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