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  My pledge to not date boys of that kind
Posted at 2/23/2011 05:27:00 PM


How’s school? well, the moment I entered class this morning, I can barely see! LOL. it’s cause my eyes were half open Smile with tongue out

Arrived in the hall for assembly, doing my duties as usual until a kid approaches me. WTF

He said, “There’s shit on my shoes. I want to go clean it upSleepy smile  I’m like “and you walk here and there on the ground where people sit bo!” Surprised smile

wth =.=

Nothing much then though. Just the usual laughs with Cassandra, Smile and did I mention I got 99 questions to do for add maths and it’s due this Friday? LIKE FML. TT i just bought the workbook today, Sad smile. oh well will burn my midnight oil. but then again, it’s what I always do every now and then Smile with tongue out


So anyways, during Physics class, Sie Tak and Yang interrogate me on my love life. wtf. can consider as personal things also. –.-

Hence, the title for today post Smile with tongue out. They were like, “euww why you so cheap kiss boy simply” and I was like, “NOOO. where got. Sad smile.”

I hate it when people call me cheap –.- changing boyfies every year is not cheap !! it’s call moving on and letting go and finding new hopes again, Smile with tongue out. then sie tak was like putting his hand on my shoulder, “next time. don’t simply kiss okaySmile. LOL. yeaaa. for a playboy by heart, he does knock out some sense to me.

so yeaaa, here’s my pledge to not date boys of that kind. Smile

As a teenager


First of all, I pledge to not date guys that has bad intention. Like all he wants is sex. Like the moment he mention it, I will immediately breakup or not be in a relationship with him at all. Like wtf go find whore la why find me =.=

Secondly, I pledge to not date guys who already has a girlfriend. Or used to belong to my friends especially my bestie. Even worse if when they together, he ask for me!! wtf. so pok hiao. but at least this pok hiao better than the first one. Smile with tongue out hahahahah

Thirdly, I pledge to not date guys who has a player pass. Like he used to play with people. I don’t care if he’s desperate for me, who told him to play with girls. Open-mouthed smile, is like i’m trying to give him a lesson. Devil, But then, if he truly means his love for me, he can show it. People can change. but it’s quite rare. and maybe I can reconsider. Smile, because frankly, i was once a player, Smile with tongue out.

Fourthly, I pledge to not date guys who take drugs. I can take smoking. It takes a longer time to get cancer. I can take drinking. cause you know, I know, Open-mouthed smile.

Anyways, drugs kills. It kills me too even though I’m not a drug-addict but being with a drug-addict, oh yea, it kills. But fortunately, I haven’t meet a drug-addict guy. Smile.

Fifthly, I pledge to not date guys who flirts with girls like everyday =.= do I even need to tell you the details??

Sixthly, I pledge to not date guys who lives far away from me. I seriously hate long distance relationship. =.= How would I know whether they are sincere or what? Surprised smile.

Seventhly, err, is there even such a word? I pledge to not date guys who fights. I can’t stand those types of guys. It’s like living in hell. It’s like having the need to worry about him –.- i hate to worry. Thankkiuu very much. lol. It’s worser if he hits me. wtf

Eightly, err. it starts to sound weird. Smile with tongue out, I pledge to not date guys…. You know what.. I’m out of idea. Smile with tongue out, even the last two was random but so true. Open-mouthed smile


LOL. I don’t care if the guy is hot, handsome or in the category of ASIAN HOTTEST BOYFRIEND , I still won’t date him if he falls in any category. Smile





Btw, since Picasso has limits on photo uploading usage(and I’ve reach mine yesterday =.=), so today, I’ve officially started to use Windows Live Writer. Smile.

So far I think it’s okay, Smile I just hope it looks okay on my blog as it does over here. Smile with tongue out,

And the freakin thing I love about using Windows Live Writer is that it comes with EMOTICONS Smile with tongue out Surprised smile Open-mouthed smileHot smileDevilVampire batDon't tell anyone smileFlirt female

Bwhahahahahah, Devil



Just now, when I was choosing my attire for tuition later, I found my pants that I bought 2 years ago. I tried it on, finger crossing it’ll still fits me, and yes it does. Open-mouthed smile , which means I’m not fat !! but then, when I tried a shirt, I bought a year ago, it shrink. .____. wtf


Moral-of-the-story; Lie about your private-cannnot-be-share personal life if people ask. xD hahaha. okeii. this is so in the not-to-follow site. =.=


Dhaaaa =]

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