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  Needsahug :)
Posted at 2/17/2011 05:23:00 PM

ASS i feel like shit now. So tired and tired and tired !! I feel empty too :(

What I did today since it was a school holiday? 
I woke up at 10++am, ate my breakfast, bath, wash 2 pails full of clothes for 2 hours, fold shirts, fold more shirts, cook(my dad did cook but it wasn't enough -.- how could he expect me to eat just only pork wtf so complaining), then I ate my lunch and I only had my me time around 2pm, D: and I used it for napping!
LOL. I nearly couldn't wake up :P but luckily I did. otherwise I'd be complaining I have not enough molesting-the-laptop-time again :D

So yea. this is basically my lunch today. .___. I NEED MY MUM !!

This the imitation crab+ngoh hiang+fish chips. Altogether I cook it with egg :P
Nyums . I like to fry food with eggs. :D hahah

So yeaaa, I have this one friend. :) JELLYBEANS wtf. I don't know why I like to call him JELLYBEANS but yeaaa. :) he's just not more than an Fb friend. :P because we never met yet we're so close? LOL
I'm not going to reveal who. ahahahhaha :) later he gets free publicity :P
But yeaa, I can just tell you his name is Wen Jie from Sabah :D SDO player wtf. YAY more SDO player friends. lol . but I don't play SDO. wtf am I talking..... drifting far from subject dy. xD
so anyways, today is his birthday :))

Yeaaa. I wanted to sing instead, but than I shy ftw :// bwaahhahaha! :))

Yesterday is Jee Hon Hiung, Yeo Choon Zon, and Rodney birthday :) oh! today is also Wee Likar birthday :D 

Throughout the whole time I meet Choon Zon and Rodney yesterday, I scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them :D bwahahhaa. but I didn't get to scream at JHH AKA AH BENG  D:
so instead, I called him :)) wtf. ahahhahaha =]

My ex so (si yao lian) =.=

Today is the last day of CNY, and in China, they celebrate Valentines on this day too! as in on Chap Goh Mei day :) so it's like another chance to re-live or re-create your Valentine. haha x)
This year no reunion. D: boooooooooo! tomorrow my mum be back woots! :D

Moral-of-the-story; Don't regret your parents :)

Dhaaaaa =]

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