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  “Phone Stealing Operation”
Posted at 2/28/2011 05:41:00 PM

I bet you guys are going to belittle my title once again for always managing to get you guys feel so misleading. LOL. :P

Well, however, I am not joking :D Sad to say :/


Today is really a sad day for those poor form 5s who happened to bring their phones today. And as a habit-phone-bring-er I am proud to say, I didn’t bring my phone today :P usually I would, but I didn’t. haha. It’s already been a week, LOL, :/ since I broke up my phone means nothing to me. :( and that’s sad. Well, last night, I did thought of bringing my phone, even fully charged it this morning, but I had this weird feeling :S it’s like my heart telling me not to bring. Well lucky I followed it. :) The last time I had that feeling, we had spotcheck too. wow. I guess God loves me :) and maybe I got that inner instinct me cause I once got my phone conphiscated , so yeaaa. x)


So I know what it feels like to have something that really mean something to you taken away, and that you can’t leave without it, that it hurts you feel like stabbing the next happy person. :( awww. I just made a love quote wtf. so anyways, it all happen during Moral lesson. From afar, I could see Mr.Choo, Cikgu Suhaimi the geng of disciplinary teachers walking. And I was like, “HEY CASS YOUR TAEKWANDO TEACHER” lol :3 then I knew when they were lots of teachers in a geng walking, it means trouble. so yeaa. it does. O.O LOL. non of the Alpha-nians phones get stolen cause they didn’t bring. so guai. :O my class however, hahahahaha. xD three bags full. wow. sad :( I guess the next few days, school will be full with parents. LOL


They even confiscate liquid paper and penknife. some more mdm lee wee na can joke that she no need to buy supply of liquid paper for 7 years xD Mine, however didn’t get confiscated :O i guess cause my pencil case to big and to many things inside :3 yeaa. and my liquid and penknife is like really down. xD hahaha :))

Well, I take that the teachers did this operation because they cared for us. Yea they do :3 they don’t want us to lose focus in class by playing phones + + they also don’t want our phones to get stolen. Oh maybe they don’t care. xD they just care that we don’t cause trouble to them :3


I won’t take things for granted. I will appreciate them as it is. And when it’s time to let go, I won’t regret. Because time gave me a chance, and in each second, never will I close my eyes.

Moral-of-the-story; Trust in your inner self and never go against it. because if there’s only one person you can really trust, it’s you.

Dhaaaaaaaaaa =]

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