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  Sleepy D:
Posted at 2/02/2011 11:35:00 AM
Rats in cage ! sorry picture blur :P
I went out with Grace, Chung, Leo and Ah Fook last night... Yes.. Again :P
I realized everytime I go out with Chung, sure will make new friend one. 

Ah Chung pick around 9+ :) Good timing because Grace was getting emo . D:

So anyways, first we went to Kenyalang to eat and to see something. :P 
Kolo mee at Kenyalang not nice =X

Then we crazy-crazy in the car. At Everise, me and Chung go separate ways, Grace, Leo and Fook go other place. :P then Grace called, "FAST LIAO. WE AT THE CAR ALREADY. I LAUGH SO MUCH, THEN I SQUAD, NOW MY PANTS WET" xD
bwahahahhaha! >:)

Grace attempt to drive Chung's car when Chung go get something at Jalan Song. :P Leo was so scared :D he ran out the car. left me and Ah Fook x) then Grace was like, "why everybody scare one! i know how to drive!" xD me and fook was like, "us leh! we no scare to dai :D" hahahaha 

LOL. that time I just called my mum and tell her I sleep at Grace's house :P Fook was like, "You mum will say I thought my daughter at Grace's house! how can be at hospital?!" bwahahhaha ;D
Then Chung angry . xD cause he don't trust Grace :))

Then they illegally seludup me go clubbing at Zebra's :)

I like this photo! :DD

Looking at her reminds me of something :P

Me: What do you think of her? *points at Grace*
Fook: -whisper:short-
Me: huh? ahahahhahhahaha!
Fook: shhhhh.
Me: I mean what do you think of her wearing your specs. -.-

Leo modelling :D

Yeeee =] 

Grace looks hot. :D

I like this photo :PP cause it's dark :DD

hahahha x)



Hahahah :D

My face so red -.- and yes i didn't this photo cause lazy :P

Drunken :33

My head is spinning. hahah x) nola... I didn't feel anything even though I keep on falling down :PP
see I'm not drunk I still can remember that I was wobbly xD

After that, went home :)
I couldn't sleep fml !! and my tummy hurts !! i think I only sleep 1 hour just now. D:
come back at 2+ , online till 3+ then sleep :PP 5+ wake. o.o

Then just now bath, i vomit >.< hahaha!

Now it's the season of spamming people at Facebook >:)

Moral-of-the-story; Never drink and get drunk :PP

Dhaaaa =]

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