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  SMK DPHA CNY Telematch
Posted at 2/13/2011 11:26:00 AM
Yesterday , I went to school , for 10 freakin hours to get wet and sticky for the SMK DPHA Chinese New Year St John Telematch. and I'll tell you one thing for sure! IT'S FTW AWESOME!! :D

Arrived school, they already take away my phone for safety purpose D: 10 hours minus 2 hours of me without phone . lol :P  but....I survived :))

me cheesy look and my group :)) and I'm the asshole leader who talks a lot. :D and force people to talk. lol hhahaha

Team slogan: PU PU KAI XING. lol don't know how to spell in pinyin fml xD i hope it's correct. 

We started of with an ice-breaking event, we played BUBU CAR :DDD

I sit on my BUBU car, I shake, I shake, I shake :D
My car don't have car door, my car don't have car back,
I sit on my BUBU car, I shake, I shake, I shake. 

Then we played stations games :))
After 4 freakin station games, we rested :D YAY PHONE YAY. so I cam-whore around :))

Me eating :D

me and noob :D

Pris: *turn neck to the right and look up* -neck bone cracking- WTF you so tall !

Catherine, me.... and apek leg -.-
BTW, i wasn't trying to cam-whore :P
i was trying to hold apek leg from ruining
yet another perfect photo xD

Catherine so proud now. xD

I look like I'm harrasing Michelle xD
but actually I forced her to take photo with
me :D

The food :D
i can't finish it tho. to much sconce! wtf. then, after finish
telematch, i go back and see got 2 flies inside there.

She thought I delete this photo already

me and Fardyana :D

me and Renee :D

After break, need to give back phone. AWWWWWWWW. so then we watched a short movie acted out by the SJA crews. oh2,, before that we played a game :D before lunch...
We played past the cucumber :D or, or. chuchumber xD
Losers have to do some performance in middle. so yeaa. me, catherine, tony lose. lol

Sharon, Catherine, me and Tony doing the nobody, nobody but you dance :D

Next station games involve water. D: water where I got splashed to the ultimate lol.
I tried to find photos of me, but no photos. D: haih.
so i'll post people photos for the dry world and water world stations. xD

Dry World

Piggy back your friends to bite the chuchumber :D i got a piggy back too! a scary one! >.<

Hrmmm. what to do with all those junks? xD

We needa take it use our toes D: wtf

Oh this is my group :)

Mold the clay and ask your group members to guess. xD 
They so cruel ask me mold Domo-kun D: wtf..... I mold it then Jason tried to follow and when it reach Lungs turn to mold it, it turn out to be a teddie instead D: and they all thought it was !

OMG. what the fuu are they doing?!

OMG. this is so wrong!


haha. they actually need to pass the chuchumber using their knee back, armpits and neck D: 

Wet World


You need to lead your members. :P

It's hard to lead them as you need to stay from a far distance. and those SJA crews are cruel, they may lead your member away, and throw water baloons -.-
and sometimes your member they tend to listen to those SJA crews rather than they're leader. wtf

Ping pong blowing :P

You have to nod your head if the answer is No,  and shake your head if its Yes
haha xD this game is fun!!

After that, we rest a while and change clothes and cam-whore :D

My group minus Ah Lun, From left, Aaron, me, Michelle, Jason and Jack.

Michelle and me.

Jason and me.

Me and Catherine

HE LOOK CHO CUTE !! and I LOOK SO FAIL. me and aaron

me and yeeling 

Jason !

1st prize.

2nd prize. 

3rd prize. lol. apek group :P

Happy Chinese New Year ! :D

Bai =]

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