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  So tired fml
Posted at 2/15/2011 12:25:00 AM

12 February 2011

After the telematch the other day, I went back home, not yet close my eyes to sleep, chacha called and said she's picking Delson and otw picked me, my lil sis and lil bro out to watched a movie. 
hahahaha x)

When I waited for my sis to come, my lil bro saw this two dogs -.- and he asked me, "what are they doing? hugging?" and I was like, FUUUUUUUU then I scream. hahah xD i guess my scream startled the dogs :D lol . -.- ish. mating can't mate other place meh? must in front my house also. lol

Arrived Spring, me and Delson go find his girlfriend, Valerie while the rest went to Pizza Hut for dinner. :P

Me and Val :)

Val, Delson and my pink bag :P

Val's brother, Ashley and Delson :)


I just know him that day :) and errr. he haven't approve my facebook request D: *checks* yeaa he haven't approved D: so anyways, he helped me chose the perfect Valentine Present :)
we chatted a while, lol . and yeaaa. I think I really do have a problem. I keep on making friends with strangers :p haha. His mum is hot mygawd lol :D

So yeaaa, we watched WHAT WOMAN WANTS. =]
The movie is awesome+funny . But I didn't quite pay attention cause I was busy talking to Delson.
LOL. waste money -.- but thenn, I understand the story plot :P but i had to leave half way the movie cause need to accompany Delson buy Valentine Present :)
The movie goes like this, the guy is stress up because the girl is like haolian type lol . so yeaa, one day he need to try on girls outfit, makeup and even take contraceptive pills just to come out with a great idea for something. wtf. so yeaa, he fought with his daughter, and he fell into a bath tub, then the electric fish light thingy fell in with him. :O
he got electrocuted. the fish from the electric fish light thingy goes to him suddenly. and since that day, he can read what girls think. and he used as an advantage :P lol.


So yeaaa, =]


Go back home, sleep. xD around midnight, woke up to bath . then sleep back :PP

Moral-of-the-story; Bath before you go out. LOL

Dhaaa =]

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