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  today is weird
Posted at 2/11/2011 05:29:00 PM

I'm going to use nicknames on today blog post because yeaa. i want to blurt it all out on blog without revealing who's who and who who's :D
i like being open x) so yeaa. if you know who i'm talking about, just ignore that thought and keep everything to yourself xP

Today good news is just I'm not emo anymore though I can still feel pressure in me =X
Damn. I.Really.Miss.My.Boyfie :(

Today Rodney isn't in a good mood :| usually he'll laugh and be the loudest but yea today he is still the loudest just angry loud :( he told everyone to shutup, even told Syamsul to don't interfere when Yang accidentally threw Kevin's bottle at Olga. whoa. D: haiz. 
Many people stress this week :( I hope next week would be better. ^^

personally I tell you all, I hate it when teachers or grown ups interfere in my relationship. Like duh we're not fcuking each other and I'm clever enough to not leave my studies. duh. -.- I understand how he feels. Well, actually I just assume his problems lol :p but anyways if it's about teachers being busy body in his relationships than yeaa. it's like you pressuring us to break up and just focus on studies is like fcuking pressuring us more when you think that we're going to be fine single. -.- 
I know you care ba,,, but caring to much, is a pressure. It suffocates people you knoww!! haih. People who always think they are right when they're not.


So yeaaa. Imma start using nicknames now. :D

Last night I text Guliver baa, he promise to grant me any wish if I can make friends with microfon :D
I like to be dared, to be challenged. It's like it keeps my life fun :D I accept any dares as long as it's safe and doesn't make me die. 
so yeaa, i was like texting everywhere to ask for Microfon number :PP then this morning, I actually talked and laughed and share a bit of my problems with her. hahaha xD
after recess, Justin Bieber and Lengzai told me that in their class, people are discussing about my text. whatttarfark !! =.= shyyy bodo !! GRRRRR.
Then I told chubby about it because he advised me not to repeat the same mistakes last night when it comes to asking number. yea.. xD so yeaa, chubby told me a secret about Guliver :OO
Secret that shall not be told. Then I feel deceiving. .____.
I was like, WHY ALL MY CRUSH SO STUPID ONEEEE ?!! haih... fml

oh2, Guliver is my ex-crush . :P i got Chung now. so my only crush is Chung? :D 

During add maths, ms pui punished majority of us who didn't do finish homework by asking us to stand at the corridor. then got junior come up, damn. so embarrassing. xD
Desmond say, "one day they will be like this also so no need feel embarrass" :DD
I not didn't do my homework, I got do ! but then I lazy do :P you know, whenever I emo sure my homework finish oneee. But last night I wasn't emo D: so I didn't manage to finish my add maths but I did finish my other homework :P

My body is still but my mind is flying. :|

Moral-of-the-story; Don't ask for people phone number by other people. Ask them personally. LOL
or or... Don't kepo go and pressure people to break cause you're only giving them more pressure. :P

Dhaaaa =]

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