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  Why did the chicken cross the road?
Posted at 2/27/2011 02:09:00 PM



Today is a Sunday. Means churchy day. :D

But I've been a bad girl . .____. LOL. instead of listening to the speaker speak his sermon, I did my English homework on Why did the chicken cross the road. :3 Oh yeaa I rock. xD

Then after Churchy, banks, more banks, I asked my dad to bring us go for a shop. xD I.CAN.HAZ.A.CUTE.DRESS. :DD


To be honest, this is my first dress. okeii 2nd. lol . i’m more of a short pants kind of girl. :) but i always wanted to try something new. :P next is heels. high high heels. lol . i never like heels cause i never get to learn to balance myself on it. but i saw that platforms are cute, so one day imma try it out. :D


The shirt from Korea. And skirt I just buy :p I loike it cause it’s so fluffy and goes well with my shirt :) skirt also first time buy . LOL. Nggeh. needa be more girly next time. haha x)

I see that I have issues with grey and black clothing. O.O most of my clothes are either black , grey or white. but mostly black. xD got some other colour too, but yeaaa. :P

So why did the chicken cross the road? :) it’s the question most of us may end up asking each other. But only one knows the answer. The chicken :P


Pris: I wonder why the fitting room is at the underwear section.  

Guy: So the buyers can try it.

Pris: euwwww =.=

Moral-of-the-story; Don’t buy underwear at a place where the fitting room is just beside it. :]

Dhaaaaa =]

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