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  Another pointless post you never seen before
Posted at 3/31/2011 05:40:00 PM

dont give up tumblr

You know that feeling when you feel like falling, then all of a sudden, someone pushes you up? That feeling where you feel like nothing, then suddenly someone says you can? That feeling when you feel like dying, then someone says, look ahead, there’s more things in life than to die. :)


It’s the last day of March, and April’s coming. :) I still remember at this time last year, someone was trying hard for me. RAWR. I kinda miss him a bit, but it’s nothing anymore. HAHA.

GAH. This few days, I feel really weak =.= and I feel like my life has nothing anymore. D: well, by that I mean nothing interesting. xD + I dare to say I sleep more than stay awake D: wtf. I guess my body is replacing all the late nights I spend texting, listening to music while doing my homework. x)

School is pretty fine though. Nothing much. It’s a cycle everyday –.-

Morning wake up, get ready, online a while, breakfast, go to school, talk, laugh, learn, recess, find cheng/cheng find me, me, cass and cheng go down recess. Gossip, finish recess, enter class, laugh, learn, talk. eyy, now I lose the point of this post. AHAHA I guess this post is in the random bin x)

So how’s life? *blow bubbles* –dramatical music playing-

Remember the day I got the two numbers from the random dudes, Yes I know I’m dangerous. xD kebebasan bergaul. wtf :P sorry la. haha. well, I texted one of them, and one of them, sold my number to more random dudes, or  at least that’s what more random dudes told me. so anyways, more random dudes, one of them told me like this, “i think you like me”. wtf. I guess people get mistaken easily by my friendliness :) RAWR. but I don’t know what I did wrong. :P and I thought girls are the ones that suppose to get confuse with the boys feelings. now this is vice versa D: wtf. haha. well enough enough x) but still, he’s not the only dude that asked me whether I like them, even got one dude says, “SHE LOVE ME BO!” wtf so confident I like him == truth to be told, I don’t feel anything special towards anyone. x) all I wanna focus on now is my studies :D

Now I feel guilty for kebebasan bergaul to much XD but then, forgive me but I’m just trying to find someone to bully around at least I get to laugh a little >x)

So how’s life some more? :O

Well, I got so angry with one teacher, I intended to report her/him. But after writing everything, the class started to back off. and I’m like OKEII WE’LL WAIT. I mean like, I complain to much, but no action is there. What’s the point exactly? I mean, er, I mean, Haiz. I feel useless. Is like my hopes&dreams just crush. Is like I realize I can’t lead! D: I wanted to so much become someone known, someone leading, someone that everyone needs. like a YB. but then, I think again, is all I want just a title? :/ I want so much to be somebody, I didn’t think why? wtf :(



So it’s the last day of March :) I hope April will just be like March. I hope nothing bad/no disaster/near deaths happen in April just like March.

When all of a sudden, you lose all control of your life, when suddenly everything seems to go blur, and you don’t know what to do, and everybody’s moving away from you, remember, remember, always remember what got you to stand at that peak of life. Remember why you’re standing for, and maybe something will make you realize, “Hey, everything is going to be alright” :)

You know ! I walked back home with my ex-crush just now x) but all we talked about is some girl in his class. BOII, if just now was two months ago, I’ll freak. :D hahaha!



I keep on getting confuse with myself. :D

Moral-of-the-story; don’t complain, if you think this post is pointless. I’m just randomly putting random stuff in just to get updated :PP

Dhaaaa :)


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