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  Between Life and Death
Posted at 3/06/2011 05:32:00 PM

Okeii. I just spend 1 hour spamming on Facebook and editing photos. But turns out, I didn’t edit any photos cause I saw that there wasn’t anything to edit =.= but don’t you know, spamming girlies on Facebook is fun :D



So yesterday I was playing around with my sister’s Nokia 7210, it used to be mine, but I guess it hates me ;( so yeaaa, I was playing with it, then I played an Indo song which I used to love but not anymore cause English Songs has taken over me. And as I listened to it over and over again, a feeling strike deeply into me :( The feeling of missing my Idon’tknowwhathappentous bestfriends :( I mean like, we used to have so much fun together. Yeaa we gossip about each other most of the time, but then, we really had fun. No matter how hard we fought, we still manage to keep that bond for around 3 years. Then it comes to the 4th year. I don’t know what happen. But we don’t seem like what we used to be. Everything is falling apart. And there’s nothing I can do anymore. Because I really enjoy what I have now.


I think it’s the only picture I remember. I took it out from blog. :)

Vero, she said, whatever happens we’re still friends. Bestfriends. Yeaa. I agree :) Haiz.


I re-remember all those little things we used to did. Like going to Fort Magherita, playing around at Vero’s kampung. :’) One on One with girls at school. haha. oh yeaa, we’re crazy

I also re-remember all of my exes. I mean not all, just my form 3 and form 4 ones. :P I wonder what happen to them. xD haha~ I bet their healthy LOL :)


I feel death this days :/

Pat texted me yesterday and told me about a guy in her school hangs himself :( awww . .

Then I dreamed about death too. Me and my family went to a hospital. And it gives me shivers :( me no likey. It’s scary. I saw this spirit, and he push a guy down. and the guy become spirit. D: then I woke up being all scared.

And this morning, I heard from Cheng, my schoolmate bf past away :( and I’m like what’s with all the deaths. TT

If there’s one thing I’m afraid of, it’s death. The second thing is being alone. But it doesn’t matter now. Death leads to loneliness :( and being lonely hurts :(

But then someone told me, “No choice. Your death day is here

LOL. what a friend =.=



So yeaa anyways my noob cousin come just now. :) ehehehe. He got a new phone ! wtf ! Xperia some more =.= and as usual, i will dig his phone >:) as usual, i will find girls photos :D i love to dig his girls album. lol xD I don’t know how come girls this days can take photo till make them so pretty and dolly look a like when they’re not :( awww i also want. LOL :P



I used his phone take :) ahahahhaha!

p/s maybe I won’t be online to update blog for a week. Exams are coming and I really need to score this time :(

Moral-of-the-story; Appreciate the people around you before it’s to late.

Dhaaaaaaaaa =]

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