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  Debate Competition
Posted at 3/03/2011 02:54:00 PM


FML. pimples >< it’s that time of the month again :( so yeaaa. TT

I’m writing this now, at 2.19pm, 3rd March 2011, and at this very moment, the Final Debate is on. –Nerve wrecking, hope the form 5s will win-

BTW this post is specially for the Gaporians :D any readers outside Gapor, if you’re interested, just keep on reading. :D


So anyways, I just lost in the semi-finals of debate under the motion, Academic Qualification does not ensure a success life and I decide to blog that I lost :D

Before that, yesterday, I went for the Preliminary Round of the Inter-class Debate competition and I won against the Alpha’s team 2[Arvin, Jason, Leon]. I’m the 3rd speaker, and I think I did a great job even though some of the rebuttals I gave were eyyhh.. LOL. I was marked down by manners, I think it’s because I shouted and such :3 and I even fought with Arvin which was quite funny :D one of the conversation I remembered the most is,

Jason: This is why the crime rates in Singapore and Korea decreases.

Me: Is this Singapore? Is this Korea? No. This is Malaysia right?

Bleekk >< basically cause I was out of idea :P I kept on asking questions, just to make my speech long and just to find some things and rebuttals to simply put in my speech. xD haha. i keep on speaking without thinking. D: haiz :P


Okeii Today, I mean just now. I managed to move on to the semi-finals but I didn’t manage to move on to the finals which was an awwww :( cause I like debating, it’s awesome :( but oh wells, I'm going to name myself a debater from now on. :DDD

Random person: HEY ARE YOU A DEBATER?

Me: Yes :D [even though only debated once and lost xD]

I think just now, I was good. :P my voice was clear, I gave over-excessive POIs, trying to shoot down the opposition, and ending everything with a Thank You :D aren’t I good? :P LOL. obviously it wasn’t enough :( not enough thinking. haiz. The opposition team member, Rutstein was good :O People did say he was good, but I still have that confidence in me. but haiz :( he’s good and he has some manners and brain. D: he thinks quick. Hope they win later =]


I’m still piss off with the big pimple that appear on my face in the picture >< so I’ll stop cam-whoring now :( and post up photos of the environment now :P



Now I’m waiting for the results, so i’ll blog on that later on. :D now the time is 2.36pm =]

A short report of the finals while waiting for the results.

The opposition team consist of Shing Wang, Wallace and Rutstein while the government team consist of Juliana, Ling Gaozhe and Stephanie Bulan. Among all of the debaters, I really felt entertained and highly respect towards Rutstein and Stephanie Bulan. :) their energy and brain juicing speech :P WOW. lol.


Oh the result are coming out(3.08pm) and the fourth place goes to my team[Me, Max, Hillary, Desmond], the third place goes to 5 Alpha team[Adib, Jerry, Kenny], the second place belongs to team 4 Alpha[Stephanie Bulan, Gaozhe and Juliana] and of course the first place goes to team 5 Gama[Shing wang, Rutstein and Wallace] :DDDD YAY FORM 5 <3

Congratulation every one. :D

Dhaaaaa =]

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