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  Debate Practice
Posted at 3/01/2011 07:16:00 PM

Today in school, just like the usual :) people were all talking about their phones, and I can see many parents/guardian coming to get it. Ahhhh x) I still feel fortunate that I didn’t lose my phone. :P

After school, I went for Debate Practice with Max, Hillary and Desmond. 3 boys + 1 girls. :P heyy maybe we should name the team that. Actually I was suppose to be teaming up wit Tommy, Jeremy and Syamsul but they bailed me for chess. Like Jason said, I lose to chess wtf . and actually the plan was to meet up at Max’s house but me and Hillary at the very last minute couldn’t make it. And since me and Hillary stayed like close by , we decided to have it at a nearby coffee shop because Hillary’s house got people and my mum don’t like visitors. xD But it is a good thing that we did it there though cause if not we wouldn’t meet up with Arvin and Leon whom went to Jason’s house for practice. xD

And it’s all thanks to God :)

haha. After lunch I asked Hllary to wait for me at my lorong. xD then we walked together and waited for Max and Desmond to come –.- They got lost. haiz :( i really need to move house liao :( cause my friends always get lost when it comes to my house. wtf.

And as usual cam-whoring is a MUST. ^^ I couldn’t believe my laptop web-cam is so awesome :D


Me :D


Hillary and me :)


Desmond and Max :D


Max and Hillary :D


Max found out I was taking a picture of him and he shyed away :P


Desmond :)


Random . xD


After discussing all the points that we are going to speak off tomorrow, we went to Jason’s condominium. xD i sakai play with the lif buttons. press all the levels. :D haha whaaatt…. my house no lif so I sakai ba x) bwahahaha!

At Jason’s house, we tried to compete with each other to get us ready for tomorrow. Our motions are Tourism brings more good than harm. Jason, Leon and Arvin as government. Me, Max and Desmond as opposition. Adib and Hillary are the judges. but me and arvin, 3rd speakers didn’t get to rebutt cause Desmond need to go :( haiz. but oh well, there’s always tomorrow ^^ oo Arvin, see you tomorrow ! :D

p/s tomorrow my team will be competing with them Jason too! LOL but the motion is Spare the rod and spoil the child. :P please bless my team, readers. :D and i’ll bless your day. xDD


Views from Jason’s condominium :)



After I got back, I told my dad about Arvin mum. And it turns out ! me and him is related =.= like his mum dad got like something to do with dad side family. lol don’t know how it goes. :3 haha. what a coincidence. XD

Moral-of-the-story; Don’t be to confident in yourself. You might not end up like what you think. The same as don’t count your chicken before they hatch :)

Dhaaaaaaa =]

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