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  Dr. Rudy Tawie
Posted at 3/22/2011 05:43:00 PM

19 March 2011

Last Saturday, my uncle celebrated his son success on obtaining his PHD in Engineering under KAIST. He’s non other than Dr.Rudy Tawie :) I bet the whole Tawie generation is proud of him now, even my grandpa :D I bet even the Dayaks, because going through this isn’t easy. He graduated in Korea wtf so when it’s outside Malaysia, especially a country like Korea, Yes, it’s not easy. :)




Me, Aaron and Rudy in pink shirt :)


My cousin Edwin, Rudy’s brother gave Rudy a frame of his success written in the newspaper :)


AWWW i got blocked D:


My mum was like, if you get the DR part of the cake, you’ll be a DR someday :P and I’m like WTF i wanttt :D so I quickly cut the doctor part and told everyone, “one day, I’ll be competing in the election, you people must all vote for me ar” :D then everybody laugh D: </3 Aaron got the PHD part, hoping he’ll finish his PHD one day :P



I wrote this note when I thought of him and her. How she treated him and how he should overlook it. :)

Sometimes girls can be impatient, ignorant, selfish, self-obsess, queen-control, crazy, etc. Yes, we’re complicated. It’s because when we do something and restrict you from doing it, we don’t notice our mistake because we think we’re always right.We get jealous, disappointed almost to easy just because we wants your attention. Girls isn’t easy to understand but when you do, life will get boring. Think of us as one of the actress in your life and we promise a good show.

You know, sometimes I get jealous looking at someone else portraying the moment of their life when I have nothing to hope for. RAWR. just the other day, my bio teacher taught us that we have extra rib bones popping out, and that extra rib bone belongs to the person who gave it to us. Remember how God got Adam left rib to make Eve? :)


Moral-of-the-story; never judge a person to quickly.

DHaaaaa =]

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