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Posted at 3/25/2011 05:56:00 PM

Yesterday was Thursday, Today is Friday, We’re going to have a ball tonight. We we we so excited, we so excited, Tomorrow’s Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards, I don’t want this weekend to end

-- Rebecca Black xD


Have not been updating since 3 days ago D: I have no time wtf >< too busy with having a life :’) to busy making myself busy receiving things to do, making myself busy so I won’t remember the world. :’)

Well, I’ve been doing really silly things to lecturers who came to school giving us talks about University courses :) on Tuesday I scream free pen, on Wednesday the lecture said, “girls are scare of science so therefore there are less female engineers” so I asked him, “when you say like that, are you saying that we girls are stupid?” haha :D I know he don’t mean it actually I just wanted to make the time longer haha. i didn’t do my homework :PP then on Thursday, I eat up all the prize by answering almost all the questions. psstt, they are so easy i don’t know why nobody but Beta answered. LOL. and today, hrrmmm. nothing much :/ today Lim Kok Wing and Maritime academy came and I really payed lot’s of attention :P and I have decided that I want to take mass communication at Lim Kok Wing. :D



BTW, Thank God it’s Friday :D and I’m really energetic today :D

Up to now, I realize living is hard. You know you can’t feel that way, but you had to. RAWR i’m currently feeling so nothing, but it’s not empty. Some how, I enjoy the company of my friends, Cheng Siok Theng, Cassandra and Catherine =] and even Delson. :D without them, I’m really nothing. And somehow, I really miss my old life. I used to have loads of problems to think about, loads of thing to tell my friends. Loads of people to get mix up with. :’) I use to have a hope.

Now, the only thing that makes me walk this earth, that gives me hope everyday is the future. I’ve always wonder, how will I be next time. :) will I be a celebrity blogger :PP or an awesome reporter. Or will I made my mind to take law instead? will I get married, will I get to nurture my baby. will I die happily :)

see,, life is to meaningful to be sitting in the corner crying your emo wtf :) get up and show the world YOU ARE AWESOME :)


The key to success is to have a really thick face. :D . …… or you can just work it the boring way, study. psssst LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Tell me your life sucks, I tell you yes it is :)

DHaaaaa =]

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