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  High School Idol II, St Joseph, Kuching
Posted at 3/12/2011 05:25:00 PM
Ahhhh. I just got back from High School Idol Season II. I thought my school didn’t compete, but got. haha. :) But then again, I didn’t vote them. I voted for Alby, Kuching Town girl :D am sorry guyss. xD
Anyways, I slept kinda early last night, and woke up kinda early this morning. O.O i even thought I had school. haha. then I remembered it’s the holidays :D and my holidays are just starting.
Me and melvina :)
Melvina, me and Alby :)
Me and Delson :)
Delson pick me this morning and we went to St Joseph together :) But first, we need to go to St Thomas to find his specs, but he can’t find it. haha x) sad ~ then when we arrived, met up with Melvina and Alby ;p then Clinton and Chen Hui. oo. Chen Hui is my old colleague when I used to work in the supermarket. can’t believe he said that he still remembers me :D and Clinton is some guy :P and errr then we met up with Janice. :)
After that, me, Delson and Mel sat and sat and sat on a stool while doing fail cam-whoring thanks to the lights ==” oh we were waiting for Delson’s girlfriend, Valerie too :) haha~ we gave up so we went inside to watch the concert. wooots. :3
The concert was okeii tho we were seated far away from the stage D: and the singing was un-hear-able thanks to the mic or maybe the loud noises ==” lucky it wasn’t hot tho despite only the fans turn on and the so-therr-many humans. xD
Me and Melvina :)
Me and Alby :) –damn jealous she so white- D:
Me and Valerie :)
Which reminds me , xD
Pris: –thinking of cam-whoring- *takes self obsess pictures of self* xD
Valerie: Are you bored? :P
Pris: *laugh* yeaaaa :D
Yes. indeed i was bored :( couldn’t hear a thing >,< and the songs wasn’t my taste and some of em remix the song till so err. D: and I heard Grenade so-therr-many-times too. People love that song to much :P hahhaa~
Alby singing :) she got only 1 red :P and me and Janice was like screaming I LOVE YOU to her. XD
Janice singing :) awww Janice sing Japanese song. :D wtf awesome haha~ she got all green :3
After Janice finish sing, we planned wanna walk to Sugarbun with Dels and Val. them two at the front gate already, then suddenly Alby say we use car go. so Dels and Val went to Sugarbun, me, Mel, Alby, Janice, Chen Hui and Clinton went for McD :) and I think I’m starting to love it. :D hahaha~
My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and fries :)
Janice look so cute :D
My hand :D
Me and Melvina :)
Chen Hui and Clinton the driver :)
I like to listen to Alby and Janice talking. :D they always talk about something funny. ahh they’re so funny :D
Me and Janice :)
After McD, ahhh , we went back to St Joseph :) wtf. when Wallence(old friend) performed, the whole lakias went down and jump up and down == till the police need to control them. wtf
after finish everything, went to meet Theo to cam-whore with him a while to put on blog. :DD
Awwww we both look so dark ==”
Theo is my Facebook friend whom I helped to sell the concert tickets :) and he said he owe me starbucks. wtf :D
after that I found out that Delson ditch me D: so I had to ask Clinton for a ride home, bwahahhaa, am really mad sorry dude :D
Okeii. that wraps up my day today :) I hope tomorrow I’ll be going out. :DD Amen.
Awwww. a whole loads of words and pictures taken with friends, but no cam-whore picture of me? xD hahaha~ don’t worry :D there is. :) damn. I always say like this ==” and it never bores me. :D hahaha~
only one cam-whore picture ><” cause it’s like don’t know why all the pictures I took all blur wtf :( and my hand was shaking don’t know why >< dels say I got Parkinson sickness D:
Moral-of-the-story; Stick with your bestfriend cause they’ll be there for you no matter what :)
Dhaaaa =]

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