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  Life, Hopes and Dreams.
Posted at 3/11/2011 03:17:00 PM


Awww. Don’t you just love it when unexpected things happen in your life. It’s like you’ve never thought of it, and suddenly it appear :’) it’s like you finally had hopes of having a life like some other lucky human beings. But then, what if bullshits come into your way? will you still have hopes? or will it slowly fades? Awww no, life is to short to be thinking that there is no longer hopes when there actually is. Everyone has their moments in life, where they will feel like jumping and tearing tears of joys :)

When you feel like falling, just remember what brought you there? what did you do to get there? and what did you sacrifice to be there? You see, I don’t think forgetting the past is a good thing, because sometimes the past teach us good things no teacher could ever teach us.

The past, whether it’s bad or good, painful or joyful, no matter how hard you try, you can never forget it. Especially the ones that really gets to us. And the past will always be apart of our lives, along with the present and the future. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you tear for it, it will never be gone. I used to say, “No matter how much you cry, it won’t bring back what you lose or what you gain in the past” But you see, crying is part of our past. When you cry, you know you’re hurt, especially when tears began strolling down without you noticing it and when your heart hurts the most, and when you’re hurt, you learn the most.

Remember when you’re just a little child, you fall and bruise yourself. You’ll cry like nobody’s business because it hurts. Then you’ll learn to walk properly, walk at the correct path and eventually you learn to avoid everything that hurts you.

See, crying about the past is a good thing. When you’re hurt, you learn to avoid things for a better future. But don’t you think it’s a bit stupid? To cry for what’s gone? I mean of course you should moan for the dead, because you know you’ll never see them anymore, but crying for a lost love? They’re not dead, they’re just not yours anymore. And it happens cause it happens. People like them come to teach you something and leave because they’re done. (Like a subject teacher, changing every year, it’s cause it’s their duty to teach you. And they’ll leave you the next year, because their job is done.) But people like this, they teach you the meaning of pain, the meaning to love and the meaning to respect and hold on. They teach things about life you can never imagine. People like them, you should appreciate. So you won’t regret after they’re gone. You’ll say nobody can replace them, but God is not cruel, you’ll get someone and even better.

And if people like that, stays with you and hold your hand to eternity, than it’s your luck. Appreciate them, give them love, and never lose them.

Let it be friendships, family, relationships, it’s all important. It all teach us the meaning of life. It’s all we need to move forward. Like I say before, Appreciation is a MUST in life.



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