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Priscilla Tawie
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  life is still young
Posted at 3/11/2011 05:08:00 PM

no. T.T i don't want to believe in the world is going to end ;( all those things I've dream of like cooking for my future husband, all the plans I drew before I go to bed for my future kids, my future career, my future life ;( neuuu. why is all this natural disaster happening? :'( i mean like, i'm still young forgoodnesssake >< i haven't live that long, and I haven't seen most of the world yet D:

I just saw status on Facebook saying that they already gave warning toRussia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sabah, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the United States. omg :(

This is bad. Indonesia, Phillipines and Sabah are sooo near to Malaysia. And Sabah is part of Malaysia. wtf :(

Pray. All we need now is to pray and repent.


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