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  My day :)
Posted at 3/03/2011 02:50:00 PM

Yes. I am blogging in the debate room now. :PP hahah! Just a short update on my day :)

2nd March 2011

The whole day, I some how felt calm . I don’t feel nervous when I was suppose to because it’s my first time debating :P but yeaa. So anyways, we won and manage to move on to the semi-finals :P then after that, I had to wait for 1 hour, from 4.30pm till 5.30pm for my dad to picked me =.= wtf.

3rd March 2011

Okeii. I felt really nervous today :( no wonder cause I know I will lose the semi-finals. but wth. there are still other chances. But still, I am quite satisfied :) anyways, I brought my laptop to school today because I need to research for the debate :P

oh2 yea, just now, we(form 5) have this motivation thingy in the hall. :O and the motivator called out Cassandra and asked her to choose a best friend. everybody was like looking at me TT wtf so yeaa we had to tell the audience each others flaws and the virtue of each other wtf >< she said i was good in socializing, and my flaw is that i’m just to lazy to do my homework. wtf >< haha. than i said she was also lazy too! and she’s a good listening. :P and we got a free pen each :D but li fei say, “Both lazy do homework, take pen also no use” :P

well, so anyways,

moral-of-the-story; be confident in yourself even at your very least :)

DHaaaaa :P


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