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  My sister’s birthday :)
Posted at 3/07/2011 05:27:00 PM


View from Chicago 7. :) congested traffic wtf

Errrm. My little sister, Steffie’s birthday is today. :D

But we celebrated it yesterday cause today no time wtf =.= NO.TIME.FOR.BIRTHDAYS.SUCKS :(

so yeaa, we went to Chicago 7. and one word, SUCKS. xDDD we went to the one at Tabuan Plaza, the service was errgh, no stock for rice, bananas and buns. Hence no rice, no burgers, no banana split =.= but anyhoos, the chicken was okeii. except the fact that it wasn’t spicy enough. wtf. and errr. the coffee was extra perfect with a dip of ants =.= I DIDN’T ORDER EXTRA SO IF YOU CHARGE ME EXTRA FOR THE ANTS I DON’T WANNA PAY FOR IT !!!

Well enough ranting, :P pictures timeee :))


This was suppose to be spicy but it wasn’t .


The birthday girl sundae :)


Coffee, one is dad’s one is my little brother’s. the one with the extra ant. and milo for me :)

13. Unlucky number. LOL


Smash smash potatoes. D:


Fries dip with cheese :)

Nothing much there =.= haiz.

During an occasion of any such, cam-whoring is a MUST :) but nobody wanna help me cam-whore :( so I had to ask the waitress to do it :P i want the picture to be perfect, so I keep on bugging her :D Syamsul told me if I already complained about the food, I better not ask her to help me take pictures. xD phew ! lucky I didn’t complain :D


GAH! my mum cam-whored too :)

and she said she has wrinkles =.= neuuu. my mum is still young and pretty :))


SHY birthday girl that kept us worrying. –.- she went to the toilet for so long. D: we almost left her. xD


I look so euww. –.- retards :) but I’m brave to post it anyways :P



The photo I asked the waitress to take :) back at the end frame. Just the way I like it. :P

Moral-of-the-story; Carefully go to a Chicago 7 branch. If the place service is lousy, never hesitate to drive to another branch :) or you can just go to either KFC, McD or Pizza Hut :P or maybe Sugar Bun :)

Dhaaaaa =]

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