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  My Sunday
Posted at 3/13/2011 07:15:00 PM

Today is a Sunday and am suppose to go to church, but my church service today at Damai Beach cause they got camp LOL because of that, I forced Chung bring me out >:D


Around 11+ he and Fook come pick me and we straight go to his boss house to pick Encik and Jeff. :) but that Encik haven’t bath finish so we need to wait. LOL. wait for around an hour, then we go Saberkas eat and fetch Cheng and Phyllis there :P


OTW to Saberkas, we spotted two motorcycles with the red box behind. One is McD delivery box(the front one) another is just a plain looking box(behind), Fook say cipalang McD box. :D


Then while waiting, we went to All Joy for lunch. Everyone eaten except me. –.- so yeaa. I ate Mamma Dory Burger while Chung, Fook, Encik and Jeff eat ice kacang =.= I don’t know how to hold the burger cause it was freakin hot at the bottom and up, so I open it and eat one by one. xD i eat the bun first, then the fish fillet ;D fook was like, “Pris. You eat like that want until when finish” :3


LOL. Ice Kacang :D

Then, I need to go speak to Cheng’s mother first. See if I can kidnap Cheng and Phyllis go out ba :) I even compliment that Cheng’s mum is pretty and I really had to really convince her that I’m a good girl so she can let Cheng go without doubts thinking I’ll influence Cheng or something. haha x) well, that’s the whole reason we went to Saberkas actually. haha. When I ate my burger, Cheng suddenly text ask where are we, that time I was eating my burger and my hand was oily, so I asked Mr.Learn America English Encik to text for me. And you know we Malaysians and our way of speaking, xD “we at the All Joy just now you eat one” and he was like, “One??” :PP ahhahahaha~


Chung car is kenari xD so only can perfectly fit 5 people. And just now got 7 people. ;D me, Jeff, Encik, Cheng and Phyllis needa squeeze behind to sit. hahaha. Phyllis on Cheng laps, me on Encik lap. and they all was like, “Pris. Don’t move to much ar. Don’t move to much ar. Later stand up” XDD wtf la them.

We spend the whole afternoon at Jalan Song, OneJaya which was a miracle. xD Chung and Jeff want to go cut hair, while me, Encik, Fook, Cheng and Phyllis play around Jalan Song. :)

First we went for a message at the top floor, put in a ringgit and the chair message you. :D my first time, and it was =.= ERRR. so ERRR. make me wanna pee only . XD


Me on the chair :D


Encik :P


Phyllis :)


Us in the lift :D hahaha. Half Fook, Mr.Bean and me :)


I was like telling Fook, “Heyy fook, this is how we first take photo together” :D


Then we got bored in OneJaya so we went out around Jalan Song to buy dvd :) ARRRR me, Encik and Fook are Korean freaks ;D I finally bought Hearty Paws 2, Song Joong Ki wtf. I remember when I watched Hearty Paws 1, I cried like shit ><” the movie is like soo wtfwtfwtf sad ;(

hahaha. so anyways, being me and all I asked the sales assistant to recommend the very sad movie even when they watch they will cry, but don’t have :( and I think they gossip about me in hokien i think? D: wtf. hahaha~ I learn that ai kaw means want cry :D ahhaha~ i think that is how you spell it :3


After that, we went to De’Clever hair saloon beside the dvd shop cause Cheng want wash hair. xD LOL sempat bo xD I even go and borrow the sales assistant charger to charge cheng’s phone cause her phone want die lerr. xD while waiting for her I made new friends :) i always simply talk to people one == ahahhaa! but this time, they aren’t big people, they're little kiddies :D


Me and my new little friends I made in the saloon :) they were the owner niece I think? xD


This is 7 year old Jia Ern :) she’s so talkative and she’s kinda clever too! :D she knows how to colour better than me ==


This is 6 year old Jia Sian :) she’s cute :D


Jia Ern colouring and Jia Sian at the counter behind :3


This is me and Jia Ern. I coloured and I sucks. :D

I couldn’t finish colouring T.T before I go, I ask Jia Ern want guai guai(good good), want ting mama de hua(listen to what mum say) :) awww my first time communicating fully in chinese :) and it’s understandable. :D i feel so proud that my chinese is improving :)

when we go out, i tell cheng, “yao ting mama de hua ar. don’t go out with boy ar. don’t lie to mum ar when you grow up ler” XDD bwhahahahahahhaha! >:)

After that we went to the shop beside the dvd shop because encik wanna buy comb xD then we go OneJaya to meet with Chung and Jeff who’s hair didn’t have any changes even after cut hair. LOL. :PP

Then I asked Chung to try to fix Cheng’s phone, her phone camera broken ler. she can’t cam-whore liao. xD he go and bang the phone use his palm till can. LOL. == then can ler but the camera not good enough. xD so i go try bang and the camera broken again D: then Jeff say need screwdriver oneeee. so I go hp shop to ask. x) when I looked back everybody gone lerr == stupid. hahaha they runaway cause they feel embarrass i think? :D WHAT + + it’s not the first time they do that bo D: last time also like that ==”

So yeaaa, after that ask for screwdriver, Encik helped fix Cheng’s phone camera :) he open everything at the shop also. xD and I was like, “aiyerr tauke. tonight you sleep must remember us. where got other hp shop suddenly got people ask screwdriver to fix phone. this is your first experience. you must even post on your fb status. haha” :D and Encik was like sweaty cause he first time fix SE(K530i). and the whole way he was like, “I wanna quit repairing liao. Want go back Phillipine” and also “Haiya. Sunday also need to work. I thought today is my holiday” :DD and Jeff was like if can’t fix ask tauke fix. and I was like, “Neuuu later he charge us” xD FYI the people i went out with today are all handphones technicians :P


We were there for like a few 10 minutes. xD i think around 40 to 50 minutes. :PP i don’t know? hahaha. really all of us first time experience bo, stand at the hp shop, borrow screwdriver to fix the phone. :D i bet people were like all blur wth are those kids doing there. :D and that time I was texting my sis, she ask me what I do, I answer, “watching Encik destroying my friend’s phone” :DD


and finally the camera was okeii again :D haha. How fortunate Cheng is today for having her phone fix for free. :3 next time if my phone broken, I become don’t-know-shame face ask them fix ;D wakakakkaka~ AHHH where were they when my 7210 nokia keep on betraying me 2 years ago :PP now even tho my k770i sometimes jam or the camera stupid, it never betray me as much as my 7210 did. this is my Sony Ecrisson is love :)


After OneJaya, Chung send us all back lerr. LOL. we had to squeeze with each other again. D: well at least it’s better than yesterday when I went out with Alby them we had to touch boobs LOL :3 oh then we send Cheng and Phylls to Cheng’s house but nobody at home + no key so they both climb in use the gate . XDD then send me home, the area was near my school and Chung, even Fook the GPS don’t know how to escape the area, so I was like, “I know how to out.” and they don’t trust me with directions D: and I was like,


but at least I manage to lead them out the area. wtf D: I feel so errr. nobody ever trust me with directions bo T.T


And then I got back, accidentally spilt soybean, wipe the floor and blog about my day :) hahaa~


This photo looks as if we’re couples =.= but it’s just me sitting on Encik lap cause the car was wtf small D: but this is the only cam-whore picture of me today that seems nice TT wtf today I less cam-whore cause sooo much talking and laughing :3 awwwww. well although we didn’t travel around like crazy, I still had fun even tho it’s just Saberkas and OneJaya :D Thanks ba Chung still willing to bring your ex go out :’)

oh2, I realize that I can’t stand wearing leggings. Half way wear, then must open =.= always like that, and I have like 4 leggings wtf and I never wear them :’D I so-therr-awesome-max ;p


It feels weird to be treated differently than how you used to be treated. :’)

Moral-of-the-story; Yao guai guai lerr. Yao ting mama de hua. bu yao pian ni de mama ruguo xiang chuqu :’D [want good good ar. want listen to mother say what. don’t lie to your mother if want go out]

Dhaaaaaa =]

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