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Posted at 3/14/2011 02:31:00 PM

I close my eyes and I can see a better day.


In twitter #prayforjapan is still trending since 11 March 2011.

More and more countries are sharing Japan grieves.

More and more organisations and NGOs are putting a hand in.

Videos, songs are all singing for Japan.

More and more prayers on blogs are being publish.

People all around are worried for Japan.

Google also helped, by making person finder - 2011 Japan Earthquake so anyone can find their love ones there.

Dear Japan, when you were brought into this disaster, no matter how cruel you treated us during World War II, we still will always be there for you.


What are Japan suffering from?

Food stocks are lessen due to the slow deliveries in every part of Japan.

Economics stocks are deliberately tumbling.

On-going fire and exploding of nuclear reactor in Fukushima.

Toll deaths increases. Family members and love ones couldn’t find each other. Homeless.

Conditions in Japan are worsen where all you can see are destructions.

No supply for electric current. Imagine darkness when night falls.


And what are some of us doing?

Worrying you’ll lose the coming election.

Playing computer games and know nothing about Japan.

Cheering that Datuk Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan.


ON 11 March 2011, Japan suffered from an 8.8 magnitude. As reported in, 8.8 magnitude is equivalent to 30 times 7 magnitude earthquake and 7 magnitude earthquake is equivalent to 30 times 6 magnitude earthquake.

Dear Almighty God, in the book of Revelation reads, “I looked and saw a great earthquake”. Dear Lord is the world ending? Is this a way or is this a warning You’re trying to tell the sinners to repent? Dear Lord, if the world is ending, than I Your faithful servant will be happily accept it. Wouldn’t I complain anymore that I will not have the chance to see my future Lord, Wouldn’t I complain anymore oh Lord. If this is the end, than this servant will gladly follow through. Will I stop sinning oh Lord. Give this servant patience and knowledge Lord. This servant is weak Lord. Oh Lord, this servant wish her sins are all forgiven for Lord I know You are mighty, I know You are able to forgive me, I know the kindness You show. I know it comes deep through the core of Your heart Lord. So therefore, this servant promise to not follow the satan paths anymore. I pray in Jesus name, Amen


In Luke chapter 21 verse 33, Jesus said, “The sky and the earth won’t last forever, but my words will.”

Pray & Repent for if this is God warning to us sinners we shall get ready for it.

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