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  Receipts :D
Posted at 3/18/2011 01:22:00 PM

People like Chessie andAud blogged about their shoe collection. People like me who loves to eat and watch movies and errr not a fashionista, you know what people like me collect? XD


I know so lame. T.T uhuuhuh. well, anyways, here’s a collection of receipts since last year. :) how did this habit form? :P since form 3, :) when i was working, and one day during break, me and this super cute supervisor ate together. :D so after done eating, we were like staring down through the windows where we ate, then i saw a receipt he threw on the table, GRR not environmental friendly, then i told him to keep the receipt as a memory. who knows after 20 years, whenever he see that receipt, he’ll remember me. HAHAHAHA :D



Whenever people open my pink little Animob bag, they won’t see any money, maybe a ringgit or two. All they’ll see is receipts :D and Imma blog about them today :)


Movie tickets :D LOL there’s a bunch of them O.O haha~ and I can even remember who I go with whenever i see the receipts :P


RAWR i remember this :) this is the ticket to my first movie date with my ex last year, Jason. LOL. we went to watch a very late night movie at Star Cineplax. and the same night also, I got stalked when I went out to the toilet by the hiao dudes there .__. scary they even followed me back to the theatre D: oh! we watched A-Team :) and because I cherish those memories, I even bought the dvd after that, but LOL i never watched it. so I gave it away. xD ahaha~


This is the last movie date with Jason. we broke up 2 weeks later. Awwww :) i didn’t get to watched Toys Story 3 finish though, had to meet Jason’s mum HAHA ahhhh the last time I ever saw that humble woman :’)


This is the longest ticket of them all. AHAHA photo was taken using BURST mode :) but it failed D: but at least I can show you how long it is :P the movie is Toys Story 3. hahah. I watched it a week after I watched it halfway with Jason. This time I watched it cause I need to babysit 11 year old(this year 12 xD).


These are the receipts I got from eating at Food Bazaar, Spring. :D haha most of them are from the 3 weeks I worked there last year :)


And most of them are from the same shop called LAKSA where I bought NASI LEMAK CLASSIC. I so-therr-addicted to that Nasi Lemak :) awww I miss it :(


These are the rest of the receipts I bought for food in Spring :) Kim Bay, KFC, Sugarbun, etc and if you can see properly, TA KIONG. it’s the supermarket in Spring where during my work times, I kept on buying Kinder Bueno and I would share it with Jason. HAHA good times :’)


These are the receipts from the various shops in Spring. My alone shopping time, when I was fully loaded with cash   Body Glove, Sox World, Parkson etc :)


K-Box receipt. :D this is from Beta Day where my classmates and I, also known as the Betanians, get together and booked a room for karaoke-ing :) AWWWW. miss those times. I remember me singing the Titanic theme song with Kevin :’D oh2, when I went out with them Beta, I was with Jason. and he found out I took my day off to go out with a bunch of Beta boys, and minimum girls .__. Jason went BOOM. I got lectured wtf D: then I bought him a pizza x) hahaha~


These are the receipts I got from various kinds of shops around Kuching :) if you can see that All Joy Food Centre. it’s from last sunday when I went out with Chung them :) RAWR i miss going out with him and his friends. HAHA their fun to be around with especially Encik and Fook x) Crazy dudes ^^ also miss going out with Cheng and Graciee. My deariess :)


And these are the rest of the junks in my pink Animob bag :) got concert ticket, letter, contact information, business card, discount coupon. xD


HAHA I'll definitely remember this:) && whenever I see this, I’ll laugh my ass out. xD LMAO. :D haha this is during the my  movie outing with my friends , and I saw this OMG-awesome-cute-boy :DD ahaha~ i still don’t get why he give me his email. xD oh2, i didn’t even asked for his number :P lol~ but we almost took photos together :) RAWR i went to add him on Facebook , but he’s to irresistible xD i remove him then :)


The two receipts above, movie tickets and Old Town is from yesterday :) both are the latest addition to my collection :D

I can summarize that, most of the receipt/tickets I got from Spring. :) Awesome. HAHA


p/s are movie tickets known as receipts? xD ahahha~

moral-of-the-story; no harm to remember your memories :)

Dhaaaaa =]

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