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  Short Update :)
Posted at 3/10/2011 04:21:00 PM

I have sooo many time in the world but those times were wasted on sleeping, naping, bullshitting and molesting either my laptop or phone.

It’s exam week fml ! :( and I really have no time to online, blog and stuff TT but I promise a long TGIF entry tomorrow :) hahaha~

So I just wanna update on my day this week. :)


On Monday I went to Physics tuition, bullshitting with Delson and Justine as usual. LOL. since when there is a Justine in bullshitting in Physics Tuition? hahaha x) well anyways, Delson got this unwanted necklace from his friend, and instead of throwing it away, he brought it thinking I would like it. But I don’t :P so I gave it to Justine as his birthday present xP but it wasn’t his birthday so he gave it to Matthias who gladly accepted it without much talk. :3 I still wonder what he’ll do with it tho. Give to his mum maybe? xD anyways, then, I saw that Justine was texting someone. I go and kepo2 say , “ HEY YOU! GOT GIRLFRIEND LIAO STILL TEXT OTHER GIRL” then suddenly my phone vibrate. LOL he was texting me ==” haha x) BTW, picture above is Matthias and a dude whom I don’t know what his name is. xD awwww they look so intimate, I didn’t know he was that time of person. xDD


Then last night, add math tuition, alone :( well not alone la. Got Karen and Naomi ^^ but no Delson cause he needa go to church. awww. haha x) we had to share class with the principle class cause the aircon broke down D: wtf so I couldn’t molest my phone last night ><” hahaha~

So anyways, the other day my mum commented on someone’s picture, and my dad suddenly off the streamyx =.= when on back, she saw that she had 200++ comments on the someone picture. xDD hahaha~ SAD.

And this morning kan ! kan i took photos yesterday for blog competition, my dad deleted them all. I’m like !!#$%E^$&$# :’( so I asked Bejang to help take today. LOL. my dad owes me a camera ;)


So me and Cass was talking about fishing the other day x) we fish a fish right? we fish a prawn to right? but why can’t we prawn a fish? wtf D: or can we call prawn fishing, prawning? it’s unfair ! why does fish has it’s own word, but not prawn? LOL okeii. i don’t make any sense now :3

Moral-of-the-story; Never leave your study for fun especially if the next hour is your exam D:

Dhaaaaaa =]


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