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  Short update
Posted at 3/29/2011 11:47:00 PM

Short update for today cause it’s getting late wtf =.= HEY it’s not my fault I over-nap this afternoon D: haiz. I guess I’m pretty tired this few days, it’s getting harder for me to wake up from a nap. wtf

birthday boi

Anyways, got two dudes in class birthday :) Kevin Liew(left) and Chai Kai Lun(right) *check error spelling* LOL. I keep on getting his name spelt wrong =.=

HAHA. the first period was English, and we were assigned to act out the novel, The Curse scene be scene beside the hall. And then I told Madam Flowrese that it’s Kevin’s and Kai Lun’s birthday. haha :P then she brought us under the foyer, and make both of them sat down. She even scared them saying that she needs them to act something out. (to be continue here)

After that, class goes on as usual. :)

And during PJK, I was listening to Cikgu Spaincer speaking and answering the-since-we’re-form-5-and-is-not-getting-any-younger questions ;D HAHA he said that, the modern generation uses condoms, the olden generations, as in really really old, as is the chinese old age, they use goat intestine D: URGH wtf cassandra was like, “Lucky I was born now” :PP and I was like, “maybe in your past life you use intestine condom also you don’t know” XD


Oh, I saw Cheng's blog, and she drew a cute poster for me. :D


Thanks dear ♥ ILY.

So I drew something for her too :) and something else too! :D


Naaa Dear I love you ba x)


For my best friend, Cassandra who’s always the best listener I can get :)


My gay-buddy, Delson :))


Catherine Chai, she’s like a sister I never had. :D

DSC05076 (2)

Fook :D eyy, suppose to be uncle. HAHA but yea he is like a brother to me :)


Graciee BooBoo Baby :D I miss those times when we are together. :) I miss old times. Wish I could rewind everything and re-do it. But that won’t be fun anymore right? heee :)


me & caat

me and Catherine :))



Moral-of-the-story; Use condom for safety xD

Dhaaaaa =]

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